Yamaha R6 2015 Planned for Launch

The rumours have been building that Yamaha is planning to launch a revamped version of the R6 in 2015.

Yamaha R6 2015 Planned for Launch 1Yamaha could be ready to launch an updated version of its R6 motorcycle, according to reports that “The rumours have been growing about Yamaha future plans and reports are commonplace, which suggests that the company could be ready to launch are vamped version of the R6.”

The expected of a three-cylinder engine to power the Yamaha R6 are destroyed, almost. Our test of the Yamaha R6 Yamaha R6 and R1 2012 in the Rhine ring circuit

In fact, Yamaha has submitted an application to the California Air Resources Board emissions of CO2 in particular. The 599cc four-cylinder R6 2014 will be good news the coming year.

Finally, all hopes, however, remain. In fact, it may be that this certification by the year 2015 is only allowed to sell shares R6 2014. Is the future of the R6 actually three cylinders? We hope so! The prompt response, in the Motorcycle International Show in Cologne a few weeks.

Source: News Moto

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