BMW Wins Tourist Trophy 1939

The BMW as A Global Company

With its three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, BMW Group is the manufacturer leading premium in the world of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides financial services and mobility premium. As a global company, BMW Group operates 29 production facilities and Assembly in 14 countries and has a global sales network in more than 140 countries.BMW Group

BMW Group sold approximately 1.963.000 vehicles and 115.215 motorcycles in the world in 2013. The profit before tax for the financial year 2013 was $10.51 billion in revenue for an approximate amount of US$ 101057879600. By December 31, 2013, BMW Group had a workforce of 110.351 employees.BMW Wins Tourist Trophy1939Munich, Twice a year, fans of motorbikes from around the world converge on the Isle of Man. From 1907 this small island in the sea of Ireland has welcomed the Tourist Trophy, the oldest race and most difficult motorcycle calendar. For 14 days in May / June there is only one game in town: the races on the Snaffle mountain course. The second moto I find in this otherwise quiet strip of land traditionally takes place in August, when the Classic TT Tourist Trophy roars to life with no less enthusiasm–if not exactly the same speeds. The start and finish of the races are in the capital Douglas.BMW Wins Tourist Trophy1939

No other place in the world native people of a sporting event makes the relationship as firmly as his own local skirmish still lay in a warm welcome to all visitors. Georg Meier, for example, is virtually unknown in Germany apart from motorcycle circles, but in the Isle of Man is a well known name, and remains a legend to this day. 75 years “Schorsch” Meier became the first driver from outside Britain to win the Tourist Trophy more – in a BMW machine “Kompressor” supercharged.

While the first few races of the 2014 Classic TT will start from Saturday, BMW is also present on the event with iconic machines of the brand that will participate in the victory lap Monday, August 25. BMW Wins Tourist Trophy1939

In addition to the BMW R 5 and R SS 1937 51 1939, viewers of the Isle of Man will have the opportunity to admire the supercharged BMW 255 that won the last victory of the German mark in 1939 at the hands of Georg Meier, before success this year Michael Dunlop on an S 1000 RR. For the occasion, it’s Wolfgang Meier – the nephew of Georg – which will be the handlebars.

BMW RS 500 Type 255 developed 60 hp at 7,000 rev / min for a top speed of 220 km / h. During his victory, Meier had completed his fastest lap at 143.7 km / h on average.

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