Yamaha MT-09 Skims the Road

It is imminent; the famous Yamaha TDM will be able to take a well-deserved retirement. From these first images is the MT-09 as a basis to take over a machine that skims the road since 1991.Yamaha MT-09 Skims the Road

Since the official presentation of the MT-09, Yamaha has never hidden the fact that the mid-size roadster brand would be available in several versions. If we already have three versions as basic, Street Rally and Sports Tracker in dealerships in less than a year, we are a few weeks to see the arrival a new version is more focused on the big rides.

Indeed, as evidenced by these early photos, the Yamaha MT-09 will receive the backing of some body parts like optical revised front, and a generous and original bubble to provide more protection to the crew. We also note the presence of generous hand guards, as the Street Rally. These will be mounted on a handlebar redessinéafin provide a more upright riding position. The saddle will also différentealors that loop back will be strengthened to accommodate passenger and baggage and the tank will be larger for 14 liters aprox. to increase the autonomy of the future traveler.

Here are some images of Yamaha MT-09 as road skims.


For the rest, and with respect to the common ground, the ensembles/ engine will be identical to the other versions. We just hope that the ride-by-wire throttle is less sensitive because it was causing jolts to the overshoot. Not ideal when you want to enjoy, in peace, a nice walk in love. It will probably debut in Cologne, in a month and a half or Milan in early November.

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