Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

We continue our round Husaberg 2014 with two 4-times: Husaberg 250 FE which evolves significantly while following the traces of his/her big sister the 350 FE, also with the test today. The new one, best, good compromises: one tells you all over this ultimate Swedish year…

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

The presentation Husaberg 2014 with the doors of Mendes continues. After many turns the special ones, here us are thus parties in the middle of Lozere, guided by Greg (Charbonnel Motorcycle), facing capricious weather, competitor rocks, roots, ruts and journalists…

With the menu of the day, Husaberg 250 FE which just likes the KTM 250 EXC-F undergoes serious updates as well on the level of the engine as of the part-cycle. Small Husaberg 250 FE is from now on similar into cubes many points with the Husaberg 350 FE: even bases mechanical, even tallies or even settings of suspensions. It is thus accompanied by his/her big sister that we will carry out this test. It left!

Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

We here in front of the two blue ones that nothing differentiates visually, one and the other flattering the retina in the same way. Here, nothing seems to miss with the call: the panoply of the endurist is complete. The motorcycles have an electric starter, to which the Swedes make any confidence since the kick is removed. Its site however is preserved.

The protect-hands are well there, just like the driving shoe but as a guide chains semi rigid less fragile as model aluminum. Always “useful” side, the translucent tank makes it possible to keep an eye on the fuel level, the back tallies out of polyethylene and the back mudguard offers true catch to operate the motorcycle with the stop, or to raise it… And finally a ventilator of radiator will avoid overheating in the event of gardening. In short, add to that the key racing, and one does not find really reason to complain!

The catch in hand is rather natural, although the cockpit is always a little higher than the average, but with force that does not shock almost more. The motorcycles are fine enter the knees, but it are extended a little nevertheless to the level as of hearing of radiators. What feels well in sitting position?

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

Balanced well Husaberg FE

Comes the moment from the first turns of wheels, and if one will differentiate the 250 and 350 on the level from the engine, that will be useless with regard to the part cycles. The dynamic behavior of these two motorcycles is in any similar point. That starts with truly comfortable suspensions which are crushed already significantly as one takes simply seat on the saddle.

It is a little perturbing at the beginning, but it will be enough a few meters to realize that goes rather well thus. The two wheels stick on the ground when this one is degraded, the information feedback of the ground is excellent, one has very good feelings. When one slows down extremely, before with nevertheless trend plunge exaggeratedly, but there still, it is not a large concern. Good, it should be noted that I am not heaviest of the pilots: higher gauges will have undoubtedly some adjustments to make. Even notices for fastest, because one nevertheless manages to make often pursue the motorcycle on the large shocks.

On another side, one finds the grip in all the situations, the shock absorber tractor draws, even if the wet stones gave him wire to be twisted. The Husaberg 250 and Husaberg 350 FE are guided and are placed with facility, and make good match in terms of inertia. They do not push as starter a turn, which constitutes true in particular for the “gross” 350. Nimble and balanced well, one must say that Husaberg 4-time year 2014 do not have large thing to reproach dynamic side…

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

Husaberg 250 FE: Easy to Race

The differences are thus logically at the level of the mill. One starts with the Husaberg 250 FE which, one points out it, is seen equipped with a very new engine this year. Well the change has well for small the 4-time, whose engine gains in trunk but also a hair in lengthening-piece.

That does not have anything impressive; one is nevertheless well far from an explosive character, but Husaberg 250 FE accepts with good more effectiveness the low modes. If one can have the feeling which the mill will choke in second in individual the very slow ones, it of it is finally nothing, the motorcycle carries on its way.

It is true that while going down from the 350, one would like sometimes that the revival with the clutch is a little franker on the 250, but that it is more for the fun or the performance. Husaberg 250 FE gains in lengthening-piece, but there would be nothing against the fact that the engine is released a little more with high mode, in particular in the special ones. But the 250 FE proposes an argument of size: its facility of catch in hand.

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

Husaberg 350 FE: The enduro with to do everything!

One passes to the higher cubic capacity with Husaberg 350 FE, and there, one must say that it is other thing in term of performances! A little more explosive, more filled a little, equipped with a more important lengthening-piece… The Husaberg 350 FE becomes popular. Rather strong with low mode to roll up without difficulty, the revival with the clutch is much sharper here than on the 250. It is felt well that the force in bottom is more important, but with high mode Husaberg 350 FE also has of the guarantor.

The performances are with go, and the motorcycle remains simple of catch in hand. This expression, which often returns when one speaks about enduro 350, is justified still today: it is in our eyes an excellent compromise. As handy as one 250, equipped with an engine a notch with the top in any point and easier as one 450 with amongst other things a quite less inertia: Husaberg 350 FE combines fun and effectiveness perfectly.

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

Assessment: Two choices winners…

Here thus two 4-times which has many argument to allure the endurists. The neophytes will completely feel at ease with Husaberg 250 FE, its driving fatty and his facility of piloting playing largely in its favor. The most hardened will also find what to make with this motorcycle, because if it is true that it is not impressive and gives sometimes the feeling to be a feeble hair, the effectiveness is indisputably with return.

And if the latter want of it a little more, it is logically towards Husaberg 350 FE that they will have to be turned. As easy to control as the 250, the engine claims a little more experiment but remains largely exploitable by the common run of the endurists. Always it is that the 350 clearly has what it is necessary for boxer in the same category as the 450 Cm3.

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

Let us speak now about the things which annoy, because unfortunately one cannot pass to side at the time to choose a motorcycle. The two 4-times rate increases in 2014: Husaberg 250 FE passes from 8,890 to 9060 €, while Husaberg350 FE climbs from 9,060 to 9260 €. When one likes, one does not count, but nevertheless…

Husaberg 250 FE 2014

 Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

Husaberg 350 FE 2014

Test Husaberg 250 and 350 FE 2014: Two in top form enduro Swedish

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