Midual Type1-French Motorcycle 2016

The French motorcycle is back! Presented at the very prestige eieuxconcours of elegance of Pebble Beach, the Midual Type 1 announced the return of luxury made in France. A machine built according to your desires and available at charged €140 000($186940).Midual 2016 Type 1-French Motorcycle

This project, signed Olivier Midy, was born in 1992, ora few years before queue Midual presented at the salon to Paris his first prototype. It was in 1999, 15 years earlier than this day of August day chosen by the French brand to present, in the competition of elegance of Pebble Beach United States, its Type 1.

The first is the marketing rate: €140 000($186940) , the price of two Ducati 1199 Superleggera and a 821 addition  Monster! For this fly high tariff, you can enjoy of a machine designed by your care and articulated around a flat twin to transverse crankshaft inclined at 25 °, 1,036 cm3 106HP at 8,000 rpm and 10 mkg torque from 5 300 laps. From this basis announced at 239 pounds with lespleins, you can give free rein to your imagination.

Modern at the time, somewhat in the vein of a Voxan Roadster, it made neo-retro, steam punk, with great materials and treatment of surfaces treated.Midual 2016 Type 1-French Motorcycle

Midual has retro tech

If the twin flat in the direction of the road water cooled 25 ° inclined remains topical, it cube now 1,036 cm3 and develops 106 horsepower at 8, 000 rpm for a couple of 10 N.m at 5300 RPM.

This unique engine of its kind is inserted in a monocoque frame aluminum alloy using both office tank and bodywork. The one-piece cast aluminum swingarm is powered by a Cantilever system with Öhlins TTX 36 shock absorber. The fork is an Öhlins FGRT. Braking, finally, is entrusted to two brackets Brembo 4 piston on floating 320 mm front discs and a2 caliper pistons on disk diameter 245 mm at the rear.Midual 2016 Type 1-French Motorcycle

Thus, in addition to a finish to fall, it will be possible to choose Finish and the colour of many elements of your machine: saddle, frame (brushed, plugged or polished satin), the handlebar grips, instrumentation, flu knees… Not less than 45 hides will be proposed to the client which may be assorted 25shades of Foundry sand blasted, applicable until the engine parts!

A true work of art that can be ride by 2016 as a small series of 35 machines is already programmed for manufacture in 2015. What leave you time to bind some links with your banker and coax your half. At worst, you can say that each copy will be dated, numbered and serious on behalf of its owner and that all bikes are guaranteed and maintained at the plant for four years. In addition, for this price, the removal and return to the client are included.Midual 2016 Type 1-French Motorcycle

Royal or almost as if Öhlins deals to cushion the machine and Brembo to the curb there the Midual Type 1 made the impasse on the ABS. Petty.

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