Honda CRF450R Revised Features 2015

The new Honda CRF450R offers innovations wrought by the competition at the highest levels. An innovative engines election mode button a first in the industry of motocross machines – allows the driver to easily select one of three different maps / on EFI.

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A new fork with both high / low speed compression and rebound adjustment of damping, larger front brakes, new cylinder heads, exhaust system, and adjustments revised Dual-Timing PGM-FI fuel injection to raise the performance of the CRF450R to a whole new level.

We have lost count of how many ten best awards from the Honda CRF450R has taken her home, but recent years have seen the competition away with the coveted hardware. That, together with the lack of success on the track, has obviously got under the skin of Big Red.

By 2015, the Honda CRF450R receives numerous improvements that address previous shortcomings of the bike. Equally interesting, Honda is introducing a first sector Ride mode select button. The modes can be selected through a right button on the handlebar, allowing the driver to choose between three options of EFI / ignition. In addition, you can create customized maps with tuning accessory HRC and he is accessed in the same way.

Highlighted Amendment in the Honda CRF450R 2015

New cylinder head for more power of high-end with additional features is a pure right side exhaust port to accommodate new exhaust system.

New exhaust system uses larger diameter pipe and an output of exhaust to help high-end power.

Total length of the exhaust system is much more short and closer to the center of the dough for stream lined handling bike.

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