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Yamaha MT-09X  or new TDM 900 for 2015 Motorcycle

Here are the first images of what could be the Yamaha MT-09X, trail version of the Yamaha MT-09 and likely successor to the 900 TDM with its lightweight chassis and engine revised upwards, the new TDM has become more efficient and easy pace.Yamaha MT-09X 2015

The bike lost a little in return for his character driven and inherits an injection that will optimize Yamaha to convince us completely. Here we have already  hold a test about the TDM 900.

Yamaha TDM 900: the full test

In addition to its mechanical foundations and architecture, TDM 900 should probably share very little with the old model. Yet his mind he has remained firmly anchored. Neither trail or road and even less “supermotarde” This Yamaha remains an atypical and devilishly charming bike. A device on a human scale, designed for general use, needy or playful. We waited impatiently for this new livery. If since 1990 or 1996, when the last “facelift” lines have not really aged, the latter lifting prosper. More tense, nervous no doubt, the new design retains the TDM style. The dual optical head topped with a compact fork not mistaken. The sides of the fairing took the volume and the backsplash is more aggressive. Once in the saddle, this impression of overhang events is still as nice, almost reassuring. Yet this time already reveals profound changes. The driver brings the TDM 900 forwardly, the reservoir while substantially flattens the saddle becomes narrower and closes. The handlebars, always high, positions the bust straight. If it remains in the family, this one took 11 years, it feels and it shows, too. The all-plastic decor inside the steering head cools the atmosphere, even if the dashboard is displayed as a model of its kind, complete and legible. The trouble to look for the choke, electronic fairy invested the guts of the machine. An injection of very high tech fuel now leads the party, enjoy it.Yamaha MT-09X

Quite credible, 3D renderings published by the website of Indonesia TMC blog unveil a motorcycle technically very close to the roadster versions. Motor frame and oscillating arms are strictly identical, whereas the suspension travel is gaining.

There is also a large tank integrating well protective air intake ducts, a fork head a priori hosting an array of typed “adventure” board, a better home for the passenger (new seat and grab handles) and wide handlebars embellished with hand guards.

This new Yamaha MT-09X – TDM or 900, who knows – should logically be presented in October at Intermot Cologne, or at the latest in November at the EICMA in Milan …

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