Indian Roadmaster Two for the Price of One

While the salon of Milan represents the Mecca of Japanese carmakers and European to be unveil their novelties, on the side of the land of Uncle Sam, it looks rather for the spectacular annual gathering of Sturgis.indian scout two moto

An event well in tune with brands like Harley-Davidson who introduced the Road Glide Special, Victory which lifted the veil on the Magnum Custom Bagger and Indian who arrives with a Roadmaster and a Scout.
On the basis of the Chieftain, the Roadmaster further improves a little more comfort to the assault route 66 or the crossing of the United States from East to West and to carry your toiletries Kit, suitcases and a top case with a total capacity of 143 liters will be at the rendezvous, all, as adjustable footrests for passenger. Your buttocks will be spared by a saddlery leather while handlebars, sono’s quality and barrier-cylinders will be also series.indian roadmaster

The Scout update it on a whole different philosophy and in fact resumed that initiated by the Scout appeared in 1920. An obviously much more modern version with the first engine liquid-cooled with a brand brand new V-twin of 1133cc developing a hundred horses, all associated with an injection and a box six reports. The framework is also brand new and modern as it is in aluminium, to contain the overall weight 255 kg. With a low seat height and promising manoeuvrability, the Scout embarked even ABS series. Finish seems to level and the rate of €12 990 has worrying rival of Milwaukee.

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