Yamaha MT-09 Street Tracker becomes Sport Tracker

A year to the day after the official presentation of the MT-09, in June 2013, Yamaha had presented the Street Tracker version.” With the MT-09, MT-07, MT – 09 Street Rally, MT – 125 and now MT-09 Street Tracker unveiled in just one year, put Yamaha big on his new spirit “Dark Side of Japan”.

Yamaha MT-09 Street Tracker becomes Sport Tracker

Yamaha MT-09 Street Tracker becomes Sport Tracker

A new range that has even a code name: Master of Torque and the last born integrates this family head high with a version revisited the vintage of the MT-09 standard sauce. The menu of this “accessorizing”, a short fixing in aluminium carbon front fender, a number plate of the same metal that provides better protection against the wind and the side plates and also handlebar bar carved into the aluminium.

The reservoir receives flu-knees and dominates a two-tone saddle brown leather and black Alcantara. The footrests are wider than the standard version. The factual framework share beautiful in a matt black colors like black/bronze for RIMS while the cache-cylinder head is adorned with bronze and fork gold. Finally, a beautiful effect Akrapovic exhaust which leads under the saddle is available as an option. A Street Tracker available from August 2014 at an unknown rate.

A model whose name did not lasted long because a month and a half later, the firm to the three tuning forks Announces us it will take to finally call it Sport Tracker!

Yamaha MT-09 Street Tracker becomes Sport Tracker

Yamaha MT-09 Street Tracker becomes Sport Tracker optional

You’ll have so well noted, nothing changes compared to the MT-09 Street Tracker that we had presented to you in June last, set aside the marketing name.

Thus, the design team is largely inspired by the universe of the dirt track and the Scrambler style to create this Yamaha MT – 09 Sport Tracker. The menu of this “accessorised” version, are therefore plates numbers in aluminium, a short carbon with legs in aluminium, a two-tone flat saddle Black/Brown, a pair of pads of tank for the knees, wide footrests front fender, a handlebar bar cut in the mass and a matte bronze rims with matte black frame. To push the concept even further, Sport Tracker has a wide range of accessories (option), a magnificent exhaust Akrapovic placed in high position.

This machine will be available price in the concessions of the mark in a few days and will be in your buttocks against a cheque for US$ 1,1550.

Here are some beautiful pictures and images of Yamaha MT-09 Street Tracker in gallery bellow.

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