Yamaha YZF-R 125 and MT-125 Dual Test

Living my life of Ambassador Yamaha! You surely had wind of the contest “Yamaha Ambassador” organized on the occasion of the launch of the new MT-125 and YZF – R 125. The winner, Antonin Ploquin, makes us share his feelings on these two bikes handlebar.

Yamaha YZF-R125

Yamaha YZF-R125 Blu Static 2014

Winner of the last competition Ambassador Yamaha, I had the chance, some time ago, to be invited to Barcelona by Yamaha Motor Europe and France, to try the two new 125 range: YZF-R125 then MT-125.

My Impressions about the Test YZF – R 125 and MT-125 is here

Bienvenido a Barcelona!

My first day started with a test of the small sports on roads that have absolutely nothing to envy to the roads that I used to frequent, particularly in Chevreuse 78. My opener was a small pace supported what allowed me to make me happy.

test yamaha yzf r125

test yamaha yzf r125 vs mt 125

The second part of the test of the YZF – R 125 took place on a karting track. Even if this last, a little short, do not necessarily allowed me to motor potential, it at least allowed me to test the agility of the small sports.

The last day was devoted to testing of the MT-125 Program:

I made a program to walk in the city and on small mountain roads. It was ideal course to test the skills of the new mini roadster. My weekend ended with the photo shoot that allowed you to admire small MT in all its glory. On this phase there was nothing interesting at the level of the motorcycle itself.

yamaha mt125 test 2014

yamaha mt125 test 2014

Live Specification as Spaceship

It immediately has to make to large displacements. When it comes close, the impression persisted.

Its edge table immediately drew our attention especially at a time when you turn the ignition key: starts a 125 and yet we imagine boarding a spaceship. This “cockpit” is really beautiful because it is fully digital and very well illuminated, of course almost no function fails in the appeal (engine temperature, trips, gauge petrol and same shift light everything is!) if the ratio engaged indicator.

2014 Yamaha YZFR125

2014 Yamaha YZFR125 Front drive test

The side storage under the seat of the MT or the YZF – R is very large: forget your big expensive U!

YZF, MT More Competent

OK, I confess: the first time I spent the first I stalled. I was expecting that the bike forward more or less alone on the net of gas but not.

Therefore, it should not hesitate to raise the top engine in the towers to perform a correct boot. I especially got this impression on the YZF, MT appeared me to be much more aggressive at the start.

Would the gear ratio of the roadster be shorter than the sport? On paper, the two technical bases are identical.

On the other hand, on one as on the other, once launched, mono breakfast of 125 cm3 revving quickly to mount virtually up to 10 000 rpm.

yamaha mt 125 test

yamaha mt 125 test

Yamaha YZF – R 125 and MT-125 with Inspiring Mode

Needless to detail long two Yamaha to see it’s 125 top of range. YZF – R 125 and MT-125 impress with their air of large, directly inspired by their elders.

We appreciate the oversized frame and swingarm worthy of a Superbike. Not to mention the huge fork, a little too soft, but that cash still bets on the corner enough vivid without flinching.

Yamaha YZF R125

Yamaha YZF R125 test

Radial calipers do remarkably well their job: performing a trapper braking is child’s play! Side tires, the Michelin Pilot Street are satisfactory for road use. On the other hand, on the go-kart track, I had heat two or three turns before you can ask the knee without too hips.

Surprising the drive like Flying

I let myself surprise at the time flying by the seat height. If you make less than 1.70 m, you’ll find it difficult to place the tip of the feet on the ground, both on the roadster on the sports. Not necessarily wise to sensible motorcycles apply to young people.

If you are fragile back or wrists, forget the YZF – R 125 you can quickly tire in the city. On the other hand, if you are a follower of the head in the bubble you will find your account! Lying behind, I could see the counter scrounge a few small km/h and measure that I accélérais.

Position on the MT-125 is much more natural and less tiring. The handlebar is higher than R bracelets; there is therefore somewhat more straightened bust.

Yamaha YZF-R125 test

Yamaha YZF-R125 test

Personally, I’ve found really nice to the handle between the cars like a Cross bike.

A detail grieved me on these two 125 cc: the kickstand. Every time where we had to unfold, impossible to grab with the foot: my leg was too short!

Balance sheet: Feeling as Christmas before time!

I’m really happy to have lived this experience I will never forget and which also allowed me to discover behind the scenes of my future profession: journalist motorcycle.

I would like to thank once more all the staff of Yamaha France and Europe and Laurent who has supported me throughout this fantastic weekend.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Moto-Station thanks to whom I could speak to you user’s bikers. I hope that I have managed to make you share my feeling as a confirmed journalist knows so well to do.

Here are more pictures as spec test images of Yamaha YZF-R 125 and MT-125 in gallery bellow.

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