Yamaha SR400 3 Prepas Price

The SR400 offers a small blow of projector through the Yamaha Yard Built project and has signed the brothers Bender and Deus Ex Machina preparations. What add to the charm of the small neo-retro.

yamaha sr 400

yamaha sr 400 drive

Present at the Biarritz Wheels & Waves two weeks ago, Yamaha took the opportunity to unveil some preparations made with names known as Wrench monkees or Roland Sand. And the SR400 was particularly fortunate since Deus Ex Machina and the Bender brothers looked at his case. SR400 ‘Homage’ to the Germans Christian and Raphael Bender is inspired by the XT500 to offer him a look ‘robust and modern ‘.

For this, many changes have been made regarding the lids of crankcases, transmission chain protection, the higher T, pedal brake and speed selector, a chrome classic handlebar style endurance with a Toolbox mounted at the location of the original silencer custom alloy, small chrome headlights, exhaust type scrambler small square back and finally a carrier handmade. Many of these elements are also marketed by brothers Bender.

Two Es Machina is also attached to magnify the SR400 with a model “Lightning” that uses a new aluminum tank, a damper Fox, a T of fork cut in the mass, an Sc-Project exhaust silencer, air filter conical “Sprint Filter” as well as an off-road handlebar and an optical “Six Days”. A machine available with Deus 400 which is for its part available in the form of a complete kit that includes a saddle suede and a luggage rack.

For more information about Yamaha SR400 prep as for the price of one just Visit Deus to learn more. Here are some picture of Yamaha SR400 in gallery.

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