Test KTM 1190 RC8R 2013: much power full bike

Introduced in 2009 and retouched in detail in 2011, KTM RC8R received some noteworthy changes in 2013. On the menu, a clutch reviewed for best operation, and always the same efficiency on circuit. Austrian super bike is delivered to us time to a few sessions on the day Track’ do Test on the circuit Carole.

 Test KTM 1190 RC8R 2013: much power full bike

For 2013, KTM chose to refine the super bike rather than to revolutionize an already very good foundation. The new clutch PASC (Power Assist Slipper Clutch) which equips KTM RC8R consequently sees its function anti dribble around ameliorates, and his order asks now less of dawn: a good point for the feeling. Remained to see if it works in lane. It is now made: on the last day Track’ don’t Test on the circuit Carole; we took the last version of the Austrian super bike handlebar.

 Test KTM 1190 RC8R 2013: much power full bike

Always anti-conformist, and so much the better!

The KTM RC8R doesn’t change appearance and it is a good thing for some – including yours truly is part – who appreciates its particular and cut lines to the sickle. Who said that all sports looked? This KTM line back up to more than 5 years, she has not taken a ride. We find this high and superb machine (subjectivity inside), always with small details facilitating the life of firecracker amateur and well finished.

Some examples, Passenger footrests, mirrors and mounting plate removable in seconds, with the tools provided. An adjustable ergonomics wish with the damper mounted on eccentric offering a route setting (rather flat plate) and a circuit (switching the bike forward) only playing on tilt without touching the settings. And the possibility of crossing the selector in reversed also easily. Very well thought in saddle, therefore, nothing once again then in lane!

 Test KTM 1190 RC8R 2013: much power full bike

The super bike daily

Despite its air not convenient, the KTM RC8R is relatively easy to pick up for a bike of this caliber. Everything is easy to handle and it’s no need to complete dozens of laps to start chasing the clock. The bike is agile, stable and rigid just right and suspensions, in original settings, ensure efficiency / comfort pretty amazing. However to force up the pace, they require a stronger, especially the fork bottoms out under the action of the wicked Brembo monobloc.

The braking power is consistent but the bite is not as violent as some competitors with the same equipment. A good point even if a feeling to a bit more frank lever would not too. Even if the Austrian technicians have switched the base on for circuit use, I wanted a position slightly more forward, to load more fork and enjoy even more grip the Dunlop D211GP racer. However, there is already plenty to do before coming to the end of the chassis…

 Test KTM 1190 RC8R 2013: much power full bike

170 well-trained horses

The twin cylinder KTM is in tune with: affordable and effective, without fail to character. The torque of the low speeds allows the outputs of muscular curve but without violence. The rear axle is never placed in default by the cavalry and this leaves the time to the shock absorber to compress to ensure good traction.

However a cap is reached around 7 500-8,000 rpm / min or twin is loose and gives everything he has, still without violence, and produces a fairly consistent acceleration, maddening crystals liquids (unreadable…) dashboard.

And the famous clutch PACS will tell me you? Bah … I have a little forgotten! And that is a quality in itself because the accuracy to the passage of the reports was to the appointment, as well as the violent braking done perfectly in line despite the release of left lever switch way him are attributable.

 Test KTM 1190 RC8R 2013: much power full bike

Balance sheet:

Effective cycle without being extreme, a powerful but manageable engine and a slew of thoughtful details the KTM RC8R 2013 led party seems to want to make the circuit occasionally. But pure track racers will find this bike a good starting point to make a monster able to frighten the clock.

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