Bobby Goodin Piolot died at the Pikes Peak

Sad news from Colorado tonight. The El Paso County, Colorado, Office of the Sheriff has just confirmed that motorcycle racer Bobby Goodin, 54, died after a crash early this morning on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Bobby Goodin Piolot

Bobby Goodin Piolot deid at pike peak

While the climb to Pikes Peak develops on the edge of cliffs it is not a competition where deaths have a higher average than normal. Unfortunately in the 2014 Edition we have to mourn the death of the 54-year-old Bobby Goodin pilot. The veteran’s Triumph has suffered a serious accident just after entering by goal whose injury has not been able to overcome when it has been moved to Penrose Main Hospital of Colorado Springs. It is the fifth who died in 92 editions of the event.

Bobby Goodin dies during Pikes Peak

Bobby Goodin dies during Pikes Peak

According to Goodin witnesses raised a hand in triumph by reaching goal, where he lost the front end of his bike through an unpaved area. The bike was right and catapulted the pilot against an area of stones. Paramedics found the unconscious pilot, so it started resuscitation maneuvers and his immediate transfer in helicopter. Unfortunately without success to save his life.

Still the bad luck in competitions of motorcycles, which we hope will have end already. V’sss and bursts into the sky.

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