KTM 690 SMC R Test

Supermotard of the real, there are almost no, most manufacturers having deserted the category or being turned to large, powerful, heavy and expensive motorcycles. As KTM is last of the Mohicans and proposes this year a SMC 690 R well equipped, featuring racing ABS, and whose engine evolves. Test until more thirst of a species being endangered!

2014 ktm 690 smc-r

ktm 690 smc-r 2014

The new KTM 690 Duke R, 690 Enduro R and 690 SMC R 2014 we were presented at a triathlon LC4, during a day led drum beating. A true  uplifting despite everything – exercise than pass a motorcycle and one field to another in so little time.

For the KTM 690 SMC R 2014, we go on a karting circuit, to the bench long enough to allow a motorcycle with such displacement. No headlock, specialist skiing KTM delivers a pair of tips to avoid the pitfalls of the circuit and we are free to ride the origami skateboard.

KTM 690SMC R 2014


Unlike the KTM 690 Enduro R

Outreach begins rather well, with a very nice build quality. Although he must love the orange and the grasshopper style, equipment and materials are remarkable. All clearly Corsica at the time to climb the saddle. Perched at 890 mm, it seems inaccessible for less than 1.80 m.

In addition, unlike the KTM 690 Enduro R, suspensions of SMC R settle much less under the weight of the pilot. Normal: they are more constrained to stick to the specifications of the Supermotard: heavy braking and more rigorous than in off-road heading maintenance.

Indeed, once riding, I have a desire: set sail in the direction of the vibrators and do not stop me anytime soon. That fall well, ergonomics is very relaxed, and all controls are super sweet, especially the slipper clutch APTC. What fly without any discomfort with the Cross boots.

2014 test KTM SMCR 690


LC4 690 demonstrated amazing flexibility

Reviewed for 2014, the single cylinder LC4 690 demonstrated amazing flexibility. To tell all, he proved even more flexible here, between two pins, on the road with the 690 Duke R or all-terrain with 690 Enduro R. Certainly, the shortened final drive (16 x 42 versus 16 x 40 on the 690 Duke R) participates in this felt.

But its ability to borrow, for example, around 2 500 rpm in third on the net of gas does not smoothly or hole to the acceleration. The electronic throttle contributes perhaps also with this roundness. The job beautiful in any case, because all manufacturers have not passed the Cape of the Ride by Wire with as much brio.

In short, all this makes the discovery of the tortuous much simpler circuit. After a few rounds, we find that the engine has a rather generous couple: it tows very between two points of rope. Other side of the coin, this healthy tends to be excluded the bike when the reminders.

However, this character all in strength and work on (thanks the balancing rocker!) vibration bode accreditation a good road, including the usual paces. And small straight lines will verify the extension of the 690 horsepower.

ktm 690 smcr test

ktm 690 smcr

The KTM ABS 690 SMC has Precise Guidance

Side part-cycle, was expected to beautiful services, had regard to the embedded matos. And it has to recognize the very good holding of cap even when we keep the throttle open big to draw non-straight path between two bends. The 690 SMC R sits on his rear tire and retains a very precise guidance. The stability curve is also flawless, with a bike that fits very well on the corner.

The adhesion of the Continental Conti Attack SM is beyond reproach and suspensions are well calibrated. Certainly, with 250 mm travel, they offer a behavior no horse rocking, but brake, they contain the embayment with brio. There until the brake is released until there is a trigger a quick hair, recalling that we are on a 690, not a 450 cm.

Two clicks on the fork and it will appear more. Remains that KTM could somewhat reduce the control surface travels, which could also lower the saddle of a few centimeters. As SCM KTM 690 R will not contain the breaks as his sister 450 SMR, sold exclusively for competition use.

2014 ktm 690smc r

2014 ktm 690smc

The arrival in the ABS Racing Series, on the other hand, is a pleasant surprise. On the Super Moto mode, it disengages from the rear wheel: skiing fans will thus keep their bearings while beginners will retain a margin of safety. In addition, the power and the feeling on the lever are at the rendezvous. Honestly, the survival instinct requires to curb much earlier that allows this powerful braking in Devil.

ktm 690 smc r test

ktm 690 smc r

Review: KTM 690 R SMC Beautiful and very versatile

The 15-minute sessions were quenching my thirst for fun for the day. Remains to hydrate… Certainly beautiful in its genre, the KTM 690 SMC R is available for US$ 12535 a fare in the absolute for a mono from average cylinder capacity, much less if one takes into account the evolution of the material and the low inflation on this model.

Certainly, the KTM 690 SMC – R remains true to his lineage: saddle high and uncomfortable, restricted and not even talking about motorway or duo! Obviously, it caters to a population of connoisseurs, residing near roads or small circuits appropriate. But ultimately, she has may have never been as homogeneous thanks to its engine more round and pleasant, his part-cycle rigorous and reassuring, his series ABS and really neat equipment.


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