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Zero Streetfighter SR the Tesla of bike

Harley-Davidson HOG-1.68 percent is much talked recently about electric motorcycles began. But there are a few brands that make them both for the street of the road  for several years.

zero SR
zero SR streetfighter

Mission focused on the San Francisco motorcycles came with its first model in 2007. BRAMMO in Oregon, he made since 2010 and ZERO Motorcycles in Santa Cruz, Calif., eight years ago was founded as a way to push the bike forward innovation, according to Vice President Scot Harden.

“It’s a very exciting time in the history of motorcycles,” he said. “We are just at the surface on the basis of what the technology can do.” The new bike from scratch is the Streetfighter SR, a $17,000 sports bike I around New York City for the last two weeks drove.

zero sr new
zero sr new

I love zero in general because, in part, it reminds me of Tesla: it is a company on the West coast by applying new technologies and a new approach on a somewhat stagnant industry. Just as Tesla has some critics, mainly due to the fact that its motorcycles in a slight noise buzzing instead of a roar of Sternberg and without gears require to perform (“it is not a real motorcycle,” say irreducible). But who has diminished, nor are virtually as a city bike, nor my pleasure by driving it.

zero sr streetfighter
zero streetfighter sr

The SR is specially under the line of zero for two reasons. It is the fastest zero bike, with a speed of 100 mph and a 0-60 mph: 3.3 seconds sprint time swing rod Harley hot LiveWire almost of a second. In fact, the ‘R’ point to the configuration of bike for riders who want to go faster and stronger than what is possible on other models is accelerating: SR has a largest controller of 660 – amp motor that delivers more torque power and 56% 24% more than his brothers and sisters – good for 106 lb – ft of torque and a range of 100 km led relaxed under the option ‘ECO’ of its three modes conduct.

zero new SR 2014
zero new SR

SR has new frame construction and a new screen of dashboard with a soft blue backlit display easy to read without disturbing. Upgrades on zero and mobile application allow to keep permanent contact with external data such as how long until the bike is loaded and the average energy used per mile, not to mention allowing for the adjustment of the speed point, maximum torque and maximum braking (how hard the bike pulls when you slow down). The app is synchronized using Bluetooth technology and is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

zero sr streetfighter
zero sr streetfighter

It is another way of zero emule Tesla – it integrates seamlessly with the existing iPhone and Android in a way systems that a more effective effort both for the bike for my time.

Better yet and also as Tesla in the respective sector, the bike performs well as a motorcycle, period, or who is electric or not. By car it feels like acting in a futuristic video game – since there’s no clutch, no gears and you have a straight line of gear up to 100 mph, all together to the low hum of the engine in the background noise.(For better or worse, less done noise level you feel a little stealthy creeping up on the traffic and the off-line.) SR is smooth around corners and £450, as light to maneuver through the traffic like any other street bike.

2014 Zero SR
2014 Zero SR

However, everything that comes at a price more high, especially if you want some extra juice. SR comes standard with a 11.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, but the optional tank power I had which adds another 2.8 kWh of life costs $ 2,500. Moreover, while cycling in a little more than 7 hours on its regular 110 volt plug loads, it will cost $600 to buy the charger that reduces by half the time. For the sum of $21,000 or so it costs to build this bike you could easily buy a high end motorcycle BMW or Ducati.


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