2015 KTM 200 EXC Review

The KTM 200 EXC, This 2-stroke enduro of intermediate capacity ahead of paper a few arguments to seduce probably many of you might be not known. But on the ground, it barely even finds its place. It explains everything.


KTM 200 EXC 2015


The KTM 200 EXC remains yet to the catalog although it rarely crosses in parks drivers. Therefore, one may wonder why the Austrian manufacturer insists with this bike which visibly does not seem to meet the success.

Well the answer is simple: this 200 cm3 represents an important market in the American as well as in Australia! KTM is paying a small pause in the development of these Enduro bikes, not real news in sight in the 2015 range.

We have therefore taken to focus on this bike a little apart, we had already tested during the presentation of the 2012 range and who had left us a very favorable opinion that three vintages later.


KTM 200 a Playful Bike

As one would anticipate it, the bike shows very playful and brighter than its higher displacement counterparts.  It is here close to the liveliness of the 125 chassis, even if 200 EXC does only 2.4 kg to 250 EXC on the scale. and gravelled trails game.

Other side of the coin, when the roads open and as the pace increases, can experience some instability in the fast a little holes. However the suspension very adequately do their job: effective and comfortable just what it needed, the whole is granted.

ktm 2015 exc enduro

ktm 2015 exc enduro model

One could wait a little longer on the side of traction, but we’ll see a little further down that is not necessarily the shock absorber that is involved… Nothing wrong with the brake: Brembo system shows itself as often to his advantage, powerful and progressive at the same time.

KTM Ergonomics This Motorcycle

Although it is rarely disappointed when there is a KTM, a detail hurts with this 200. You are going to say that I am difficult, perhaps, but this exhaust the irregular shape and quite prominent kick realer general line.

Apart from this and the absence of V-Force Reed box, as on the other EXC 2-stroke, nothing notable really lot 200. Finishes are blameless; the image of the imposing machined hubs and parts always good, however missing a shoe engine.

Taking place on the handlebars, realizes the EXC 200 resumes the geometry of the 2-stroke 125 and none of the 250. Therefore is a very thin motorcycle, appreciable ergonomics. But the motorcycle shows that we can clearly call an asset compared to its sister: an electric starter, in addition to the kick. Moreover, it’s time to go!


KTM 2015 200 EXC

KTM 200 EXC Engine not Easy Explosive

It is therefore to the engine that it now turns. And the considered unpleasant in 2012, I understood a little… Well I have to say that there are the best anyway, it is much less On/Off, but it is not perfect.

Mid to high plans that the mill is expressed most clearly is. And if one manages to stay within this range of regime, we take fun; the engine is strong and responds with explosiveness to the clutch shots.

KTM 200 EXC 2015

KTM 200 EXC 2015 250

In short, it’s fun is it makes you want to explode long support! The concern is that our field test, in the footsteps of Romaniacs, long support is not found the more. The paradise of the crossing, it is sometimes difficult to control this motor vivacity.

The transition between low rpm, where the engine still lacks a bit of chest, and the substantial will be sometimes difficult: start from scratch in a steep is an exercise of application if does not pack the rear wheel and lose adhesion. It crosses so not on the net of gas in under procedure or with a higher ratio. Here, we choose the right speed and was a little more mode attack as flows.

ktm 200exc

ktm enduro 200exc

KTM EXC Funny Reviews

In the end, the KTM 200 EXC 2015 is significantly less unpleasant that previously, improving is indisputable. But if you think that this intermediate displacement could be a solution for your first laps of Enduro wheels, you are wrong.

This explosive character motorcycle is fun, proves to be more powerful than the 125 and will appeal to the attackers and clutch kick restless. But his grip claims experience. The operating instructions of the 250 EXC is much simpler, it will forgive more approximations of steering and will be especially more effective in crossing.

When asked to KTM, who knows even make Enduro bikes, why not make this bike easier, it comes back to this EXC 200 target markets: US and Australian, spaces that crossing, find their account with this bike thrill-hungry.

Side financial, displacement intermediate, intermediate tariff: $ 7,760, KTM 200 EXC 2015 is placed between the 125 EXC US$ 10051 and 250 EXC for US$ 11082.

KTM 200 EXC 2015 is the best sports motorcycle of this era which gives a retain able grace for life journey.

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