Yamaha MT-07 a Week base Test

The Yamaha MT-07 just landed on our roads came to make new references in the category of small roadsters. We tested it on a week to see what it was capable.

yamaha mt-07

dual model yamaha mt-07

The Yamaha MT-07 in the city

What surprises at the outset on this MT-07 Yamaha, is its ultra-template reduces. Ultra-fine, low and light, one has the impression to climb onto a 125 cm3. While this may confuse at first, one soon realizes that exceptional vivacity is a real asset. Hands are immediate. Easy, the Yamaha MT-07 highlights confidence to travel in urban areas. Its turning radius is located at the top of that offer the category. The little Japanese offers to its driver a wide view of environment which provides a greater sense of security. As it is very easy to handle, the Yamaha MT-07 be guided without any constraint. Braking, even devoid of ABS on our test model, proves quite compelling thanks to its remarkable feeling. If its lines pass really unnoticed, they remain properly balanced, the image of the behavior of the machine.

yamaha mt07

yamaha mt 07 drive in city

Yamaha MT-07 On the road

The twin of the MT-07 does wonders on the road. His force prompted to adopt a sporting pace. The principle of the MT (for Maxi Torque couple maxi…) is perfectly successful since the machine offers very nice reminders. 689 CC twin proved playful and flexible in low rpm on the edge of the red zone. A success story that is fun to operate at its maximum. It must be said that the weight content of the apparatus also greatly favors performance. If the engine excels in sports exercise, the part-cycle cannot keep up the same pace. Suspensions, quality average, prove to be too flexible. But for everyday use, or even with a cast fast-paced, their level of performance is quite satisfactory. The Yamaha MT-07 provides the confidence to every moment.

Yamaha MT-07 2014

Yamaha MT-07 2014 test

The Yamaha MT-07 just landed on our roads came to make new references in the category of small roadsters. We tested it on a week to see what it was capable.

Yamaha MT-07 on Highway

The motorway is of course not the area preferred the Yamaha MT-07. His philosophy of machine light and accessible is not really compatible with long motorway journeys. To begin with, protection is almost non-existent. If the craft is capable of exceeding 200 km/h at the counter, the neck of the driver shout very quickly in torment. For worse, the saddle is revealed rather close and your posterior cry grace after a few hundred kilometres. Too bad, because the mechanics does not appear to suffer and displays a very reasonable consumption. Despite its small size and its contained weight, the Yamaha MT-07 offers a very satisfactory cap outfit.

yamaha mt07 2014

yamaha mt07 drive at highway

Yamaha MT-07 Drive with Companion

It is expected many regard towards the passenger. The seat is uncomfortable and singularly lack of place. In the absence of handholds, the passenger must stand to the pilot since the tank has rough edges that prevent to come are stalling the hands. Does not count make long journeys to two with this MT-07, but for casual use, in the city including, the sweetness of the mechanics and transmission will be appreciable.

Yamaha MT-07 2014 test

Yamaha MT-07 test

MT-07 Quality of Presentation

For a proposed range at only US$ 7750 entry machines, the quality of presentation is quite reasonable. Of suspension parts do not breathe the high end and the frame is also no minimalist, but no major problems finishing. The dashboard is very complete absence has an account-readable digital tour. The practical aspects are almost non-existent. It takes US$ 8430 for ABS version which brings a plus in terms of safety, particularly for young drivers to whom this Yamaha MT-07 is intended.

2014 Yamaha MT-07

2014 Yamaha MT-07 review

The Yamaha MT-07 just landed on our roads came to make new references in the category of small roadsters. We tested it on a week to see what it was capable.

The dashboard is very full with this remote display which is digital.

Despite elements of low-end, braking drew no criticism. The main reason is the content weight.

The finish is exemplary for a machine of this category to image this lace swingarm or this string to the comic trim setting.

The main success of this MT-07 is this line of 689 CC twins which ensures outstanding performance. If the character is very pleasant, the tone should be more assertive.

2014 yamaha mt-07 specs

yamaha mt-07 specs image

The Start button and circuit breaker is original, but it is no more ergonomic.

The Yamaha MT-07, in short:

  • + 180 km/h
  • 75 ch-
  • 180 kg all full facts
  • US$ 7750

Our Test based on:

  • 500 km from town, road and motorway
  • Average consumption of the test: 5.4 l / 100 km

    yamaha mt 07 action drive

    yamaha mt 07 action

I hope you enjoyed to know about Yamaha MT-07 week test. Let to know about your views about this bellow.

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