Test Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Like a young wolf

In many countries, Sym is best known for its scooters for its motorcycles. And yet, the Taiwanese manufacturer offers not least interesting models, the image of this Sym Wolf 250 SBI. A young Wolf aims to seduce the young A2 license, and which we took orders for a trial run.

 Test Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Like a young wolf

We already have approached the Sym Wolf 125; a small utility dressed just some accessories to disguise its origins Beast Asian sum. At the time, representatives of the brand we had announced the arrival of a 250 cm3 much more modern. Well here it is!

Despite a black dress, much desired class but in the end also cheerful that a dashboard VW, the Sym Wolf 250 SBI unveils a beautiful line, well in the air of time. Certainly, the inspiration clearly comes from Japan, some details recalling earlier a Honda, sometimes a Yamaha. But the small Taiwanese made its effect.

 Test Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Like a young wolf

Look like a mini CB1000R

If Sym scooters are known as the White Wolf, especially with its production of scooters, the Sym Wolf 250 SBI appeals to the curious: ‘ that makes this bike? It is a 500 cm3? She is pretty…’ The first part of the job is done. Especially since even if there were some improved finishing details, the manufacturing quality is rather good and, the icing on the cake, the Wolf has luxurious details for category, such as an adjustable brake lever or gear indicator.

Perched 790 mm, seat shows narrow enough to make life easier for short legs with 1.65 m; it is possible to put at least one foot flat on the tarmac. At start-up, the rather high engine surprises. This cylinder injected and water cooled starts several minutes to warm up and find it’s idle. The first meters are confusing because the hanger is quite unusual handlebar.

With 174.8 kg all full facts checked, the Sym Wolf 250 SBI is not the sveltest motorcycle in its class. Not what put off a beginner however? And at the outset, the clutch control seems a little steep for a motorcycle to urban: all the more regrettable that the gearbox is successful. Just like elsewhere calibration of injection, sometimes hazardous on small productions, but impeccable here. Worthy of a heavy-duty, throttle faithfully obeys the orders of the pilot.

 Test Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Like a young wolf

An ant to throw itself into the mouth of the wolf

To conquer the urban jungle – the Parisian boulevards rush hour – it seems to throw himself into the lion’s den. The Sym Wolf 250 SBI is a good ally. The general lightness, combined with compact size, can sneak well despite a slightly drooping low speed direction.

The flexibility of the cylinder at the bottom is also a check-mark for ‘more’ he hits less than many competitors. If you find yourself ahead of the pack at a red light, driving the Sym Wolf 250 SBI has enough pep to get out as quickly as possible. The single cylinder of 25 horses is not dull at low revs and proves sufficiently bright to the opening of the gas, much better than the Suzuki Inazuma 250 precisely. And it must be able to compete with the Honda CBR 250 RR. Short break static picture and we return to the expressways.

The opportunity to test the overall performance of the engine 90 km/h meter, engine running at 5000 rev / min, the times are secure enough not to need to downshift and the engine seems to run in a comfortable range. This is already a huge difference with most models of 125 cm3, which are limited to very quickly (large) road. Here, the motor can be inserted and beyond without fear.

 Test Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Like a young wolf


7 500 Rpm, reads 135 km/h at the counter (for real of 119 km/h) and the small single-cylinder still has the extension under the handle. But vibrations are already very present in footrests, handles, mirrors, or even the base of the tank. The internal balance shaft does more miracles. The approval marks his return to an honest 120 km/h meter, there’s a good look, trunk, and less vibration.

The rigidity allows facing the large curves with a good sense of security and heading online maintenance appears beyond criticism. Certainly, on departmental winding, one sometimes feels a slight blur in the direction, the bike stand exactly as we would wish. Also recognize that Maxxis Promaxxe Street series do little back sensations, as often these small cars that do not have the best first up. Result, cravings sports steering are being lowered, despite the fairly engaging look small Sym.

Given the 4-piston radial caliper series, one would expect a slowdown of thunder. But Sym knows his Sym Wolf 250 SBI will not be driven by the fans lap, too, escalation is it to go. There is certainly enough power, but the risk of locking braking reflex is frankly grown, and it is not worse given the absence of ABS.

Side comfort, a little firm suspensions on small shocks show sufficiently stringent at high speed, while the saddle allows links of more than 150 km without problem. There again, is not reached the comfort of the very soft Suzuki Inazuma 250, true Pullman of the category, but the Sym Wolf 250 SBI should do better than some sports from 125 cm3 and 250 cm3.

 Test Sym Wolf 250 SBI: Like a young wolf


Seductive with its line in the air of the time, the Sym Wolf 250 SBI caters primarily to beginner (e) s with just their A2 license in his pocket, for which (the) s it will be a good ally with General ease. It gives off a good impression of quality and robustness. And Sym, still in phase of conquest in the motorcycle community, would not propose an unreliable mechanics. This bodes a good duration in time.

Sold €3,999, Sym Wolf 250 SBI is battery in the price range of the Suzuki Inazuma 250, more comfortable, but less dynamic driving. With an appetite of bird (2.1 l / 100 km on average!) and reduced operating costs, it could also ensure the daily chores of the urban way and thereby preserve your usual big cube.

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