YamahaT-Max 530 Tracker

Yamaha reacts today undressing her maxi scooter star, lower prices to boot. The series of electronic tracker on Yamaha XP 530 T-Max seemed to be a punch line. But obviously, the offer has not been unanimity among customers.

Yamaha TMAX-530 tracker 2014

Yamaha TMAX-530 tracker

Yamaha, stay ahead of sales of maxi-scooters paramount importance. The Yamaha XP 530 T-Max maxi scooter remains the most sold in the French market with 1,569 units sold in late May 2014.
It was unthinkable for Yamaha losing market share in that particular market. The brand with disapasons decided to make a strategic choice: to abandon the series system geolocation tracker on the T-Max.

This loss is accompanied by a significant decrease in the selling price, the T-Max 530 2014 standard being proposed now to US$ 13980 and the ABS version US$ 14657, a discount of US$ 678 Since June 2, 2014, there remains only the T-Max 530 Max Bronze ABS exceed US$ 14930 with a sale price of US$ 15060 catalog.

Yamaha says that the abandonment of the tracker was motivated by the network, which brought up the complaints of customers who did not appreciate that requires them to set this system. Which nevertheless showed deterrent against theft, still considered one of the Achilles heels of the Japanese maxi scooter.
Remains to be seen how the tariff grids evolve insurers, who probably enjoyed the presence of the system to reduce the risk flight. But as the saying goes, the customer is king.

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