Yamaha YZF – R 125 Reviews

Yamaha YZF – R 125 introduced in 2008, it was high time to update and the evolution was successful for fans.

Yamaha R125 yzf 2014 test

Yamaha R125 yzf

The vintage 2014 receives an evolution more than notable outstanding its motor, part-cycle, design, equipment.What revive the career of the sport mini without upsetting his philosophy.

The Yamaha YZF-R125 had been publicized upon its release in 2008 Neat and powerful and an immediate success. But the surprise came from the customer because the small sporty attracted not only the 18-25 age group, but also more mature persons, wishing to not pass the motorcycle permit and afford nevertheless a valuable machine.

Let us not the face: accessibility to the B permit largely explains the remarkable success of the Yamaha small: 45 000 units between late 2008 and mid-2013. Indeed, for Yamaha, out of the question to see sales of its eggs hen gold eroded: it was time to make it evolve.

Yamaha YZF Platform

Not surprise press conference: the YZF – R 125 2014 looks a lot like its predecessor, even if the equipment is richer. Note to start the very beautiful Kayaba inverted fork 41 mm worthy of a supersport while dashboard Barters needles against a fully digital display. And high finish of range partly explains the high price of this 125.

yamaha yzf r125 2014

yamaha yzf r125

Descending from MT-125, there’s inevitably a more sporty position. Unlike the competition, Yamaha has not opted for identified handlebars: bust switched over to the front, it is not very far from big sports. The suspensions are also settled more farms in factory to match the philosophy.

Every day, the Yamaha YZF – R will be less respectable than the MT, and shared the technical basis. Stops in the city make you want to recover to relieve lumbar while the saddle perched at 825 mm seeks a good 75 meter for ask a flat sole. The suspensions show despite any sufficient cushioning to absorb the missing paving stones: on this point, the MT-125 widens the gap in the long term.

Yamaha YZF took 138 km/h

For the first few miles are known sensations. The 4 cylinder 124.7 CC time however had undergone significant changes: cylinder, camshaft, unit ECU. We appreciate its ease of use: certainly, take off at the green light, to slightly make waxing the clutch at around 4, 000 rpm, minimum, but it appears quite normal in terms of felt. Flexible controls – switch, clutch lever, throttle – also participate in accreditation.

Yamaha YZF - R 125

Yamaha YZF – R 125 2014

Not lazy, the small sporty easily extracted traffic and the expressways then place it their ribbons of asphalt. I screwed the handle at 90 km/h at 6 000 RPM in sixth: 95, 105, 115 km/h. Yamaha YZF – R 125 picks up speed and accelerates steadily to more than 125 km/h meter.

Mono extension allows it to reach 138 mph in point, at the limit of the outbreak of the switch, much softer than the first generation. Real progress in approval, even if of course it do not recommend ride don 0f all the time to preserve the mechanics.

yamaha yzf r125

yamaha r125

On Highway, having regard to the health of the engine, it is possible Cruiser at 120 km/h on the right lane, with a little bit of margin under the handle, in present but not uncomfortable vibrations in the long run. The protection offered by the bubble, if we do not curve the spine, proved insufficient even if it must be recognized that to 120 km/h cruising, the constraints are low.

On mountain road, it is necessary to stay in high revs – beyond 7 000 rpm – to scroll through the turns at good pace. If you arrive on a PIN under 5 000 rpm, the recovery without Down shifting will be rather soft.

Yamaha YZFR125 test

2014 Yamaha YZFR125 test drive

This makes all the difference with a larger displacement, like a Honda CBR 250 R. With the YZF – R 125, keep the speed and curve entry regime to not remain stuck. It is an aspect of the cockpit from the 125 to take into account, but that befits the philosophy of the bike.

The Yamaha YZF Muzzle Gear was of the Muscle

The new version also reveals a more rigorous behavior. The work done on the part-cycle with the arrival of a muscular nose, improves accuracy in cornering.

The fork much better cash the heavy braking, by also boosted by the new 4-piston radial caliper. The base of the bike remains more consistent, with one before that plunge less brutally than before.

Yamaha YZF - R 125

2014 Yamaha YZF – R 125

Braking of Trapper fans will enjoy, but will certainly regret the feel at the lever, much too hard to operate and nice little to be determined. The change of the front brake master cylinder piston would be liable.

Nevertheless, as for the MT – 125, the part-cycle seems as oversized. The engine never destabilizes the YZF – R 125 which enjoys excellent handling stability flawless turning and heading.

Thanks to its stronger fork and its ergonomics sportier than that of MT-125, YZF – R behaves better when braking in curves, with a nose wheel around less.

With this Pocket sporty, small regional circuits will be a perfect playground to learn piloting when the straight line is not endless. A good pair of sports tires and the turn is played.

Yamaha YZF-R125 action test

2014 Yamaha YZF-R125 action test

Assessment : A Substantive Work to Keep the Head

In 2014, Yamaha does not revolutionize its YZF – R 125, preferring a background job that allowed refining its flagship model and deriving convincing roadster. In the end, overall performance is progressing a little, and then part-cycle and approval are really good for the displacement.

Those who loved the first generation will be probably conquered by this new version, even if its price increases significantly. Sold US$ 5402 upon its release in April 2008, the Yamaha YZF – R 125 is now announced to US$ 6227. And it will be even more expensive in ABS version. The price to pay for a 125 sports high range designed in Europe and Assembly in the factory Yamaha-MBK in Saint-Quentin.

yamaha yzf125r

yamaha yzf125r bleu

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