Kawasaki J300 Kymco Scooter

buy Gabapentin cheap Kawasaki announced that their new J300 scooter is manufactured in partnership with Kymco at the end of 2013. The J300 founded on a Kymco Downtown 300i.

This 300cc model is the Japanese manufacturer’s first foray into the maxi-scooter market. With an engine capacity less than half of that of some of the competitors, it’s debatable whether it actually qualifies as “maxi”.

kawa J300 present

kawa J300 picture present

Bürstadt Here we are presenting the final test of Kawasaki J300. This test consist of 300 kilometers.

The Kawasaki in the world of scooters has intensive creation with Kymco and setup a new example for world scooter generation. Artistically Kawasaki J300 stake hold openly for sportsmanship with its beautiful shape and look appealing to viewer to certain conveniences to achieve an expression.

The screens are shorter, and shield both platforms, are narrower. The rear also narrows and describes an ascending line that is nothing more than an optical effect produced by the massive handle of the passenger who also acts as a grill rack. Handlebars are also colorful and, in general are careful to more which makes the professed quality growth.

 The Kawasaki J300 Engine

We saw here in the first test. It is perfect that the engine is good, which run more than a 350 cc and that it does not vibrate much however when futile or still position or little proceeds, has 28 HP of power and torque of 28.7 nm.

Kawasaki J300 testerer 2014

Kawasaki J300 testerer

Okey ! come to its consumption, the J300 fuel consumption is very refined, depends very much on the tours that you do, in your way of driving highway, yet the J300 we have gotten fully into city.

But also we have circulated the outskirts, it is not a pure urban and hard, capabilities allow us to that and much more. The average we have achieved is 4.2 liters per hundred. If your driving is more normal consumption is lowered to four liters and less trouble, and if you are quiet, you can reach the 3.5 without work you hard. Yeah! It is reasonable.

The scooters drive in city with heavy engines spend more than small, but then in road turns in this situation because it is not necessary to go to top to maintain a logical speed that is the question raised in mind. You do in fact with the J300 to go to 120 in plain gas hobnailed.

The Kawasaki J300 Classic Equipment

The Kawasaki J300 has less aerodynamic protection although it stays within acceptable margins due to its smaller shield and screen. The position of driving changes the new seat that rises up to 5 mm and makes us to carry more weight on the front wheel. Yet it is not a position as sporting as you would expect being Kawasaki and platforms are a little high.

The traveller has everything to be comfortable in the J300 although it has styled the rear of the scooter. Under the seat there is less hollow, because of the sacrifice that forces the aesthetics, but remains broad and sufficient if not need to put 2 helmets.

The J300 inherited had new with the latest models of Kymco like the warning and the light sensor for light courtesy of the hollow under the seat in terms of the equipment. However similarly congenital its feeble points, as a clause of complicated drive, double close seat that sometimes does not fit and the controls of the complicated steering box.

Kawasaki J300 under dynamic test

Here is the mother of the Lamb of the J300, in their dynamic behavior. If it is assumed that it is a Super Dink 300 according to Super Kymco Dink 300i test. With more sugarcane plastics Why does much well?

I have commented to already start driving posture is not exactly the same, does not seem that there is a difference in the position of the handlebars; however seat has very suitable adjustments, which greatly facilitates movements at low speed and maneuvering in city additionally it is also slenderer. It is easier to move between cars with the J300 while it isn’t precisely a citizen scooter.

test Kawasaki J300

Kawasaki J300 test

It is the expressible that it at all time’s trust both slowing down and tilting, you feel already underway over the front wheel. The Maxxis tires at first didn’t I long Ding, but after playing with the easel unwittingly in a couple of roundabouts, I saw they had hold more than enough. That Yes, in water there are better, the Michelin City Grip or the best that we have tested so far, the Dunlop ScootSmart.

The J300 changes direction with greater ease than the Super Dink, which is not exactly bad. It slows down very well and we did not find a deficiency anywhere, only stance is a both bourgeois to its sporty image and the suspensions of J300 the best, where stands out not only the Kymco, but most competitors of Kawasaki have tuned the suspension and damping of your scooter to get a flawless behavior.

When the majority of scooters are dried in potholes, already have harsh suspensions or tender, the J300 no. To see, if raisins for a good cut of asphalt you get it ‘since’ in the back, but that’s normal for posture and weight suspended and not suspended from the rear of the scooter. But better than the average absorbs irregularities and, however, the tare of the suspensions is firm and endures without flinching a driving looking for limits.

kawasaki j 300 2014

kawasaki j 300 2014 test drive

There is still more. Another problem of scooters and most of the small wheel is that at high speed they begin to move, some make it back but you nod to if the ‘ass’ are low and high feet as the J300, tend to show.

Mitsukaidō This scooter is to note, you can go very quickly risking you running out of points in the flesh unless this scooter refuses with the head.

Estimation by Tester

J300 Kawasaki with the Super Kymco Dink seems to just compare the whenever we refer to the newcomer, but it is that it is inevitable. Depending on what ask you to a scooter will come out winning one or the other, but because we are talking about two Scooters, if they were motorcycle he would win by a landslide the J300.

kawasaki j300 drive

kawasaki j300 drive review

The dynamic behavior is very good if not the best with ‘small’ wheel, the suspension tuning and the small change in the position of driving make it very different from Kymco. But it is clear that Kymco is good, evens the decent dynamic behavior and has more aerodynamic protection, more space under the seat and is nearly 400 euros cheaper.

kawasaki j300

kawasaki j300 (645×411)

The Super Dink the J300 regarding, the choice is determined by aesthetics and its sportiness. Compared to the rest of competitors the J300 is the perfect choice if you are looking for sportiness but the other variables are no longer so clear and you can win more points because this Kawasaki J300 is a very comprehensive scooter.

We have strongly recommended that it had, ‘small wheel’ The Scooter is good, especially for me.


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