Millepercento Scighera by Italian Moto Guzzi

We present here the Scighera from the noted Italian Guzzi dealer Millepercento.The Millepercento already makes two other limited production Guzzi derivatives, the Alba and BB1, the Scighera shows a similar level of effort and sophistication.

scighera 2015 (640x480)

2015 scighera (640×480)

It is the instance of Millepercento, Italian dealer Moto Guzzi in which takes a time released small productions of their artisanal arrangements. The last is the Millepercento Scighera, which takes as its heart the motor in transverse position of the Moto Guzzi Griso. Price will be US$39535 from the start of 2015.

What would justify such an extraordinary price?

In the direction of start, the lattice chassis geometry it has tweaked to provide a wheelbase of only 1.47 meters. The subframe, is also single collectors, exhaust, brackets from aluminum Ohlinsfork, optical groups, tank, Pollock, seat and the carbon fiber fender.

The part cycle as you can see is first, with fully adjustable rear damping also Öhlins; Double Groove of 320 mm front disc and calipers, Brembo Monoblock, in addition to foot pegs and handlebars adjustable in height and inclination. Unchanged on the other hand, 1.151 cc air cooled 2-cylinder engine 105 HP at 7,600 rpm and 124 Nm of torque at 4,900 rpm. The kerb weight is around 190 pounds.

With the 1151 cc motor from the Moto Guzzi Griso 8V, the Scighera benefits from Piaggio’s refinement of this iconic lump, including fuel injection, 6-speed transmission and 4-valve heads.

millepercento scighera

millepercento scighera (1024×683)

Millepercento strips the Scighera down to the essence of a naked, claiming a dry weight under 420 pounds. In addition to the custom frame, many custom parts adorn the machine, including gorgeous 24-spoke aluminum wheels that allow mounting of tubeless tires. The use of Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension makes it more sufficient.

Comparable it has with its other specials; Millepercento plans to sell the Scighera out of its Italian dealerships. Expected availability is next year at a price approaching will be US$ 40,900.


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