MotoGP 2014 broadcasting Schedules for GP Italy

Time to come and wait will become past thing for those who waited for water GP Italy MotoGP at Mugello, the 6th race of the season in the World Championship. It will be the Grand Prize number 300 to Valentino Rossi.

MotoGP Italian GP

MotoGP Italian GP

So the Italian will be highly motivated to return to step on the podium. It Marc Márquez of all forms is the rival to beat and everything is much tighter in Moto2 and Moto3.

In the category Queen whenever you reach Italy local pilots sharpen knives, so it remains to be seen if Valentino Rossi can comply with the mash to regain face your audience. Two solid second consecutive squares seem to do so, although the sign of strength of Marc Márquez in Le Mans with a tremendous comeback suggests that the most logical thing is the sixth victory of the 93. Part of it not happening that will lie in that Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa can raise the level. Without forgetting the Ducati of Andrea Dovizioso and Álvaro Bautista for a possible podium if there are troubled waters.

Telecinco should issue races delayed from six, but after the ‘sinvergonzada’ of two weeks ago at Le Mans will wait before confirming it.

Schedule for GP Italy MotoGP 2014

Friday 30 may 2014 Saturday 31 May 2014 Sunday 1 June 2014
Moto3 FP1 09:00-09:40 (Movistar TV) Moto3 FP3 09:00-09:40(Movistar TV) Moto3 WUP 08:40-09:00 (Movistar TV)
MotoGP FP1 09:55-10:40 (Movistar TV) MotoGP FP3 09:55-10:40(Movistar TV) Moto2 WUP 09:10-09:30 (Movistar TV)
Moto2 FP1 10:55-11:40 (Movistar TV) Moto2 FP3 10:55-11:40(Movistar TV) MotoGP WUP 09:40-10:00(Movistar TV)
Moto3 FP2 12:10-12:50 (Movistar TV) Moto3 QP 12:35-13:15(Movistar TV) Moto3 race 11:00 (Movistar TV)
MotoGP FP2 13:05-13:50 (Movistar TV) MotoGP FP4 13:30-14:00(Movistar TV) Moto2 race 12:20 (Movistar TV)
MotoGP FP2 14:05 – 14:50 (Movistar TV) MotoGP Q1 14:10-14:25(Movistar TV) MotoGP race 14: 00 (Movistar TV)
MotoGP Q2 14:35 – 14:50 (Movistar TV)
Moto2 QP 15:05-15:50 (Movistar TV)


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