Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

The Japanese custom takes a new path with the Yamaha XV 950, “Bolt” of his first name across the Atlantic. Finished the ‘glitter’ of a certain style too often development, here is counting that bonus… and the character! First contact

 Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

This is the “custom culture” (or “custom culture”) inspired by the American life style of the end of the 1960s, which inspired the designers of the Yamaha XV 950. And this trend is deprivation, both aesthetic than technology, this Yamaha including thinking about a certain Harley-Davidson 883 Sporster.

Exit then the chrome galore. Farewell also to the technology on all floors: the 950 “Bolt” happens different engine mapping, traction control and ABS (the ‘R’ version only). Style, side Yamaha knowingly played count: future owners will be able to transform their machine to the environmental (via the catalog of options of the constructor).

Test Yamaha XV 950 ‘Bolt’: very ‘low rider’

 Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

Note the profile very “low rider” this XV 950, with the choice of a rim of 19-inch front and 16-inch rear. The ground clearance is limited, but despite this and its rear suspensions that angry a bit, the “Bolt” features of tasteful handling… As long as we keep in mind the philosophy of this machine especially made for cushy cruiser: this is neither a sport nor a sports roadster!

Test Yamaha XV 950 ‘ Bolt ‘: well-manicured look

 Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

XV 950 treats its look. Color contrast between the crankcase and the gearbox output, symmetrical housing top and bottom belt and double cradle quite late, so rigid frame chopper.

Test Yamaha XV 950 ‘Bolt’: known engine

 Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

Exit of the XV 950 Midnight Star, the twin is re-examined for better sticking to the spirit of the “Bolt”. It offers a little less horses (2 to be precise), but it gives more couple (0.3 m/kg), the whole obtained by the exhaust and studied box with air the specifically.

Test Yamaha XV 950 ‘Bolt’: rear wheel-axle unit

 Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

Clean and discreet, the timing belt is a ‘must’ for a custom medium capacity. As for the shock, it is a little sore subject on the standard version the race is very short, with a running start too soft and end very tough race. And reload the hardest thing is worse. The ‘R’ version is itself equipped with Ohlins elements much better.

If the handling of the bike is instant, position, feet forward, demand for addiction. But Yamaha easily slips in city traffic, clutch, gearbox and throttle knowing to be forgotten.

Template content and relatively low center of gravity does not prevent the bike to be quite heavy 247 kg with full advertised. It ‘calls’ a little forward in small corners, but nothing alarming. Dry, suspensions and limited race save however little lower back. But despite the limited ground clearance, the chassis is neutral and handling pretty good.

Test Yamaha XV 950 Bolt: real competitor

For its part, the engine is voluntary and provides its maximum torque at 3000 r / min, accepting without much fuss to climb to 5500 rev / min allowed by design. Moreover, since the philosophy of the bike and the limits of its chassis, it is easy to simply of ‘only’ 52 hp V-twin.

These advantages are sufficient to Yamaha for the Harley Sportster with bikers? We expect your comments…!

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