Triumph 1700 order Test to Check muscle and comfort

Before the test there are many question were at task, that

Testing the Triumph Muscular custom longings?

Big torque at the end of the handle?

But without having the broken back?

And being able to take a passenger?

Triumph Thunderbird commondar

Triumph Thunderbird commondar

Here comes the Triumph 1700 Commander, a power cruiser that does not forget driving comfort and the approval on a daily basis to offer a welcome versatility in this world of metal.

Second day of our road trip to San Diego, California, where we have just release the commands of the new Triumph 1700 Thunderbird LT to straddle an another British 1700: the new Triumph Commander. It’s been a few tens of kilometers we drive towards the South, and the pace is more removed than the day before. Overhead all, startups are other anxious, our small herd of testers having discovered the joys of the standing start way dragster to the handlebar of the new Triumph 1700 Commander. And believe me, the imposing rear 200/50 x 17 Metzeler relieves a few grams of gum at every boot.

The Metzeler amongst 2 seats

Triumph launched in 2009, the 1600 Thunderbird, a big cruiser that struggled a bit to move crowds., the English manufacturer corrected shooting with 1700 Storm in 2011, more bestial and brutal with his souped-up and its allure of fighter.

But the storm is quite Spartan daily: saddle flat and hard, standing farms, handlebar which spreads his arms and needed to face the pressure of the wind chest forward, giving then any meaning to the expression “one must suffer to be beautiful”.

We were able to recheck when testing of the new order, taking command of one of the Storm used motorcycles to accompany. And it has indeed understood why Triumph has chosen to double hit in 2014, by proposing the order alongside the LT: the third 1700 range is perfectly Thunderbird the junction between the power cruiser Storm and the LT tourer.

Triumph commondar

Triumph commondar

Triumph Ergonomic cruiser

Home, it is all good for the Triumph 1700 Commander, which has a low base 700 mm and very comfortable. Carefully designed by Triumph, the multi density saddle is very soft and offers excellent support.

Some will say that we cannot even move in the saddle, but there is little need to move to fly aboard this type of motorcycle. At most, hoped slightly change of position to limit the numbness of the back train phases.

On the side of ergonomics, the hybrid custom Triumph shows also well thought, between sport and comfort. Certainly, given the Agnieszka saddle, the arcade in the crotch is important, and below 1.65 m, impossible to put both feet flat on the ground.

drivers all felt uncomfortable, in 1.70 to 1.90 m contrast to some power cruisers, super bottom of seat, which are commands that the smallest so far feet cannot fly them.

Triumph Thunderbird drive action

Triumph Thunderbird drive action

32 kilos differ, it vicissitudes life

Over the kilometers, and in mountain ranges, especially the Triumph 1700 Commander differs from Thunderbird LT. With 32 kilos less balance (348 kg all full facts announced against 380 kg for the LT), the ordering is more manageable at low speed and more dynamic curve. We dare more raise the pace.

We cannot of course not talking about sports steering – would be that because the ground clearance that dictates everything simply allowed angle curve – but there is wound at good pace. Certainly, that Triumph has worked well on the chassis of the order: the ease of decision-making in the hands of one such beast 2.40 m long! is enough bluffing and like the general patterns in precision.

Were never forced to take turns riding the Triumph 1700 order, and this despite very wide tires of140 mm at the front, 200 mm at the rear. The novelty is always easy to guide and relatively neutral. Certainly, the plug brakes on the angle statement slightly the motorcycle, but without brutality. It is not vicious. Braking, precisely, let’s talk about.

triumph thunderbird storm 1700

triumph thunderbird storm 1700

A motorcycle can curb really short, but the Triumph system power and the brilliance of the ABS are very conclusive. Depreciation, Triumph has appealed to Showa, and the 1700 order seemed much better digest the irregularities of the road as some customs, virtually tied with the chassis/amortization of the Victory alliance. In fact, as we cruise, comfort resumes its rights and the approval of the engine invites himself to the party.

Triumph Torque bonnet DDD

As with many big twins, the game is to pass the 6 as soon as possible reports to then enjoy the times all the way down. Six, the blows of pistons pretty ashtrays of 107.1 mm bore, arrive quite late: to 65 km/h to be said in the absence of tachometer. Injection, fully controlled, participates in the tough atmosphere and the final belt transmission smooth spurts up to eradicate them.

The vibrations are also contained, even at low revs. The beautiful Milwaukee American vibrate more, including idling, which participates in the sensations, but the Commander Triumph in is not free, far from it. The line of 1,699 CC OHV emits sound beautiful typed at low revs and the trunk of its engine is without doubt among the most generous of the category.

In the end, the Triumph block demonstrated an excellent approval subject to use the selector dual branch because box is firm enough on the first two reports above all. That is retained is that its revealed “force quiet” side especially when tests resumed facing our Thunderbird Storm 1700 of accompaniment. Additional kilometers, more liberated at the level of the silencers, the latter still bowed facing the order entirely new of origin! Like what, do not confuse perceived enactment efficiency.

triumph thunder commondar for test ride

triumph thunder commondar for test ride

Assessment that substitute choice and heaviness

Pacing long deserted national and sinuous massifs when we go back to the North. Formerly in port, the observation of freshness is there. No sore buttocks, no body aches due to ergonomic design dictated by the look and a ride punctuated by various motor sensations: sweetness, couple generous, dynamic… accreditation is at the engagement.

Continuously easy to take, clear to understand, the Triumph 1700 Commander shines also by a very significant comfort for a rather sporty cruiser: running boards, saddle and suspensions are excellent companions on the journey.

This huge comfortable and efficient custom arises in excellent alternative of many motorcycles of the genus and sold US$23029, including Moto Guzzi California 1400 Custom 17 US$547 or Victory Judge US$ 20285 pretty close positioning.


Seen Positive Seen Negative
Ergonomics Deficiencies of equipment
manufacturing quality A little closed selection

Source : Triumph with MotoS

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