New Honda GoldWing F6B Overview

The Honda GoldWing is a series of touring motorcycles manufactured by Honda Moto Corporation. It was introduced at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974 and went on to become a popular model in North America, Western Europe and Australia, as well as Japan. Total sales are more than 640,000 “Wings,” most of them in the U.S. market.

The Gold Wing F6B changes all the rules to create the perfect bike for around-town, shorter trips or weekend getaways. Around the legendary liquid-cooled flat-six is a touring machine that’s lighter, trimmer, leaner. Its radical new bodywork features a lower windscreen and sleeker fuselage while still surrounding riders with the comfort and luxury you demand from a Honda Gold Wing.

2014honda goldwing F6B

2014honda goldwing F6B

The Humanity of Automotive Engineers of Japan includes a Honda Gold Wing GL1000 manufactured in 1974 as one of their 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive Machinery. Concluded 2012, Honda GL models have appeared eighteen times in the bike World list of Top Ten Greatest motorcycles.

Honda did many changes its design and production over the course of its history. Honda Gold Wings was manufactured in Marysville, Ohio from 1980 until 2010, when motorcycle production there was halted. Honda management says that before the plant closed, sufficient 2010 model year Goldwings were produced to meet demand until production resumes in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan in 2011, when 2012 model year motorcycles will be produced using tooling transported from the old plant.

GoldWing F6B honda tour with buddy

GoldWing F6B honda tour with buddy

Start Your Journey with Honda Goldwing

Journey of life become fast if your choice the Goldwing for your destination. Experience the new innovations and features of the 2014 Gold Wing F6B. The Gold Wing power plant is legendary for power, durability and smoothness, which is why we’ve chosen the same liquid-cooled six-cylinder for the F6B and with a lower overall weight, expect even more performance.

Including luggage performs better when it’s designed in, not added as an afterthought. The F6B sports twin-integrated saddlebags with 11 liters of storage each; both are lockable and sealed against the elements.

Honda Gold Wing F6B widescreen

Honda Gold Wing F6B widescreen

Honda Low Profile Windscreen.

The Gold Wing F6B’s lower windscreen offers surprising wind and weather protection while connecting you with the environment all around you.

Honda Gold Wings has always been famous for creature comforts. Therefore the Gold Wing F6B comes loaded with everything from surround sound to an adjustable air suspension. The Honda F6B Deluxe goes even further, with self-cancelling turn signals, backrest, heated grips, center stand and additional. The Honda Goldwing available in different your choice of color luxurious Black or Pearl Yellow.

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