Kawasaki Z 800 Tests and Review

Kawasaki Z800 renew earlier bestselling bike in France without losing the essential, such is the task for the less complex conducted by Kawasaki Z 750 2013 progression. Overestimated and redesigned on the same technical basis, the new Kawasaki Z 800 intends achieve this challenge. But has it always the way? We have to travel hundreds of kilometres to its handlebar.

kawasaki z800

kawasaki z800

Kawasaki Z800, this is its first test that you read. A few weeks later so in the early days of the year 2013, we can finally take the commands of the new Kawasaki Z800, for our first test in its standard version of 106 horsepower. There is indeed a version Z800 “e” 95 horsepower by construction and can therefore be clamped to 35 kw (47.5 ch) to meet the requirements of the new European motorcycle A2 license.

kawasaki z800  test

kawasaki z800 other test

 Kawasaki Z 800 proves more complex

Unquestionably, the aesthetics of the Kawasaki Z 800 proves more complex – more manga like say some – as the 750. With its tortured lines, succession of the former best seller french is no longer in the middle ground by pouring into the Street Fighter kind at least, Kawasaki has endeavoured to maintain a style, which makes impossible any resemblance with the Yamaha FZ8 or the Suzuki GSR 750, its direct competitors. Side finish, the Z800 Kawasaki appears well assembled, many and new wrapping plastic parts are properly fitted, and at startup nothing trembles. We like or not, but it is efficiently done.

kawasaki Z800 drive

test Z800 drive

Kawasaki Z 800 Easy grip and Control

The Le quarter-cylinders engine, cylinder in-line 4 purr of the Z800, with a typical sound of the genre, it’s always gratifying to hear him find his idle speed and Kawasaki has understood that work on this point was important, even if the replacement of the exhaust by a silent UI an adaptable line is part of changes made in priority by buyers of Z. Take place in the saddle requires a bit of flexibility due to the typical basis for sports roadsters, perched at 834 mm from the ground with a pretty relieved rear hull. Nevertheless, the Z800 is not too wide, it manages to find its footing and understood the arm to grab a wide handlebar in the purest style Street Fighter or Street Bike.

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 curve drive

Kawasaki Z800 A Peaceful

The new Kawasaki Z 800 2013 can entirely accept daily, peaceful use, because is instinctively used the available torque at low and midrange and regular flexibility of this type of architecture. The first passage shows barely audible, and we took off smoothly like any good four-cylinder in-line. Broadly speaking, in “normal” use, sought the engine between 2 500 and 4 500 rpm. This is more than enough on the Z800 in town, which, thanks to its torque natural start and safely exceed the flow of cars.

Kawasaki Z800 test

Kawasaki Z800 test

When traffic is denser and we need to play inter file, note that the mirrors are battery at the height of those in some minivans. We will accept, but later, more complex maneuvers highlight a turning radius an excessive hair on the Kawasaki Z 800. It was not this memory on the Z750, his alternate claims sometimes that one is taken twice to pass between the bumper at the stop. The Kawasaki Z 800, however, is not the worst in this respect: some average cylinder capacity roadsters are even less good in the exercise, the gymkhanas regulars will be a motor always full and incentive

Kawasaki Z800 Capabilities

The early portions of peri-city highway aboard the Kawasaki Z800 2013 make you want to learn more, whether on the peps of the engine or the capabilities of the cycle part. A Z should know sing and pull the arms to the acceleration… and the Z800 is no exception to the rule. Phew, the honor of the lineage is except! A free acceleration puts forth the power and the instant response from the engine. Recognize that this new Kawasaki Z 800 is not idle at the opening of the gas and the counter cheerfully climbs on the first three, and possibly four reports. Of course, the boost is rather linear, but it is strong.

kawasaki z800 ride

kawasaki z800 ride

Kawasaki Z 800 has Expressive Acceleration

On the side of sensations, the hum of the air box turns out to be quite marked at low revs, then the substantial already show a beautiful power, claiming well onboard stall to push an interim report at bottom. “Certainly more than a 4-cylinder 806 cm3 does not grow!”, hear you say me, but rest assured! The Kawasaki Z 800 still has an expressive acceleration for this type of operator and, especially, incentive, such as the first and the last generation of Z 1000 for example: his handlebars, at desire to accelerate!

After a few kilometres of highway, 130 km/h average, it comes very quickly to seek a position of comfort. It backtracks to the saddle to look his bust and better cope with the pressure of the wind. With an upright position, so wide handlebars and a set instruments that seems posed on the lighthouse, it enjoys no protection. Of course, this is not necessarily what you are looking for on this type of bike, but on the Kawasaki Z800, let’s agree that it really takes “full pear”. Kill per kilometre will therefore not relaxing on board. Fortunately, the new Kawasaki does not vibrate too much, thus preserving the posterior of the driver. The cap of the Z800 is impeccable on good motorway coating. But what on small roads? Continue our first test of this famous Kawasaki Z800.

Kawasaki Z800 Expressive Roadster to Playful Use

At the outset, the Kawasaki Z done 800 shows of a player character, directly linked to its engine, which gives want to break the rhythm for the pleasure to accelerate, demote, raise the torque or pull a report. There is then the Z800 is very reactive efforts printed on the handlebar, the width of which is, admittedly, a sacred lever arm. In addition, tires Dunlop D 214, unpublished car designed for this bike, gradually learn about their temperature rise and show quite keen on placing on the corner or in the pif-paf without big angle inlet. When bends close, things get complicated: need more force the Kawasaki Z 800 to the point of rope. This is not dramatic, or vicious, but the Z recalls simply that one is at the controls of a motorcycle almost 230 pounds all full facts: 228.4 kg measured by our care to be exact.

kawasaki z800 prime action

kawasaki z800 prime action

Kawasaki Z 800 has Powerful Equipment

There is then the direction freezes and tends even to recover if one insists to the brakes in a turn. Some roadsters are more neutral on this point but they do not always cope with such weight, which makes it all the more delicate man oeuvre on the Z800. You are therefore prevented; better leave out improvisation on board for the benefit of a specific flight. Braking, side Kawasaki Z800 2013 entitled to powerful calipers 4-piston whose the feeling on the lever is On/Off. Suddenly, in the absence of ABS, it will take there also redouble attention reflex braking in the wet for example or sporting pace. Is anything exaggeration: the mordant to the socket of the lever is not as aggressive as on a Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Evo SP or a Husqvarna Nuda 900 R, but we would have liked a little more feeling past the first mm of lever action. Brake, rear, assumes a role of retarder that suits him.

Kawasaki Z800 Bumps & Quick

On degraded tarmac suspensions are showing a depreciation dry, the Kawasaki Z 800 new too faithfully transmits the bumps and quickly let you know that the coating is deteriorating. It becomes less obvious to guide, and yet there is that the damper is working: it follows the imperfections, fit, relaxes, does not always stop, but he cannot do anything against the bitumen damaged or warped. The Kawasaki Z 800 becomes more wild: without becoming dangerous, she simply invites to make the hand.

kawasaki z800

kawasaki z800 middleweight

Kawasaki Z800 Balance Sheet for Enthusiasts of the Category

It suspected reading of the sheet and it confirms to the test: the new Kawasaki Z800 2013 is not revolutionizing lineage Z. always filled, its four-cylinder to 806 cm3 offers a rapid response to the accelerator and a comfortable couple in many situations. Z 800 is no lack of power, which is one of the strong points of this new bike. On the other hand, its part-cycle remains perfectible, although some signs suggest progress. It must be said that the Hellenes of the sales of motorcycles over 125 cc must always deal with a weight in running order in the high average for the category.

Absolutely lifted, the ‘little’ Z thus renews its image to ‘low-cost’ – is not a brand new bike – but the invoice at the price of more and more strong. Sold 8 €899 or $ 13225 with ABS, the Kawasaki Z800 joined now on this plan of the sharpest, better equipped or simply more exotic rivals, thus losing the master argument of its predecessors.


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