KTM 450 SMR Hot Features 2014

The latest KTM 450 SMR has to be the hottest in the Supermoto series that money can currently buy. A further refined moto having excellent, Ultra-stable chassis features as2014 new ktm 450 smr

  1. High-tech brakes and the revamped SOHC engine
  2. EMS Engine Management System
  3. APTC Slipper Clutch
  4. DLC-coated Cylinder Head
  5. CNC-machined triple clamps
  6. Ttitanium Exhaust
  7. Breaking System
  8. Fuel Tank
  9. Body Work
  10. Cooling System
  11. Suspension
  12. Cast Aluminium Swingarm
  13. Perfectly Designed Seat
  14. Finest WP suspension components
  15. Air Box
  16. Modern Frame
ktm smr 450

ktm smr 450

This extra ordinary feature makes the 450 SMR an invincible weapon in every Supermoto race.

450 SMR Engine

KTM is clearly setting the standard in production Super Motos with a huge amount of innovative technology; equipped with SOHC a state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection system for unrivalled performance. It springs into life at the press of a button thanks to an electric starter and is equipped with a five-speed transmission and a slipper clutch, both specially designed for Supermoto 450 SMR.


The engine case has been further refined for 450 SMR. Manufactured in a die-casting process. It has been possible to further reduce weight compared with its predecessor by eliminating the kick starter dome.

DLC-coated Cylinder Head

450 SMR engine has the cylinder head, an overhead camshaft actuates four ultra-light titanium valves via extremely stiff, DLC-coated rocker arms on the intake side. This configuration allows engine speeds of over 11,500 rpm to be achieved and makes a major contribution to the unique performance of the KTM engine. A new, three-layer, cylinder head gasket has been fitted in this model, which guarantees even greater durability in the most extreme conditions.


KTM introduce the Keihin engine management system, for in conjunction with the revolutionary injector position developed, with electronic fuel injection and ensures spontaneous responsiveness and maximum engine performance. The wiring harness on the 450 SMR has been further simplified for the 2014 model year and the quality of cables and plugs improved.


The APTC slipper clutch precisely prevents the rear wheel from chattering, therefore improving control when drifting into corners. The hydraulic clutch actuation system from Brembo, with new clutch armature provides ensures smooth and very precise clutch control.

CNC-machined triple clamps

Triple clamps are CNC-machined high quality, have long since been standard equipment at KTM that ensures even greater ride stability. They ensure precise handling and provide a perceptible boost to the flexing characteristics and hence the responsiveness of the telescopic fork.

Ttitanium Exhaust

The exhaust is extremely lightweight titanium header and the innovative “Header Pipe Resonator System“(HPRS), in combination with the new silencer, guarantee even superior performance at auxiliary reduced noise levels.

Breaking System

brake system has new technology also makes the 450 SMR even more commanding heading into every corner: A new front brake system from Brembo, featuring a radially mounted four-piston fixed and ensures even better controllable deceleration. Just “Ready to Race”


KTM engineers have focused on designing the bodywork ergonomically and functionally in such a way that the whole motorcycle is in perfect congruence with the rider down to the very last feature.


The 450 SMR has lightweight, polyethylene, capacity of 7.5 litre fuel tank, which has been revised in the area of the filler cap internal thread and can be closed even more easily and reliably with a new filler cap.

Perfectly Designed Seat

The comfort seat perfectly designed is equipped with an improved foam core for the 2014 model year, ensuring both greater comfort and higher stability.


The cooling system strained and tested, integrated transports the coolant from the cylinder head through the frame triangle directly to the aluminium radiators made by WP that is improves air flow beneath the fuel tank.


The design of the airbox guarantees optimum protection of the air filter from dirt plus maximum air throughput for the highest performance with quick replacement of the twin-air filter system.


The handlebar of 450 SMR is equipped with the black-anodised Renthal Fatbar 827 that features an offset specially designed to meet the demands of supermoto. In accordance with the proven KTM standard.

Cast Aluminium Swingarm

The 2014 model for the benefit of higher functional reliability has cast aluminium swingarm has been developed with state-of-the-art calculation and simulation software and constructed, in terms of design and wall thickness

Finest WP suspension components

The and the fully adjustable WP shock at the rear of 48 mm upside-down closed-cartridge fork from WP at the front have been specially tuned for Supermoto use and ensures perfect stability and superlative traction.


The modern lightweight frame design of high strength, chrome-molybdenum steel section tubes guarantees an ideal mix of longitudinal and torsional stiffness also in excellent ride stability.

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