KTM 690SMC-R ABS Supermoto 2014

KTM put another swing roadster in the supper Moto series. The 690 SMC R is designed according to this motto that is not there does not weigh anything either. SMC 690 R arrives at the starting line in peak condition in year 2014 with twin plug ignition, ride-by-wire, new ABS and a revamped chassis. SMC R a powerful, sports-oriented, however still very contented what could make a drifter better-off. The KTM SMC 690 R the unrivalled Super Moto for the most demanding rations, which leaves all others in its wake: suitable for racing or everyday use, potent design, and state-of-the-art giving you the option of four different fuel maps

The LC4 single-cylinder engine has been reviewed and now features twin-spark ignition, with different mappings for each plug. KTM claim this makes the SMC R 8-10% more efficient than the old model. According to them it will achieve up to 80mpg and rarely drop below 35mpg, even on track. Supercilious it averages 60 mpg that gives you a theoretical range of 160 miles from its 12L tank before you are pushing it along the hard shoulder.

2014 ktm smc 690 r ABS

2014 ktm smc 690 r ABS

You get Standard, Sport, Comfort and a Bad Fuel mode, which a KTM presenter said will allow the bike to run on fuel as low as 80 octanes. It’s important to note that the maps only adjust fuelling below 4,000rpm, meaning the SMC R will still put out its full 67hp in whichever mode is selected. I never tested the comfort setting, but on track, the Sport setting gave a noticeable improvement in throttle response over the Standard mode.

In brief be touch with the next coming detail by us if you are interested in the KTM, the KTM 690SMC is a reliable roadster for every kind of road or highway, here are some beautiful pictures of the KTM SMC690 R Suppermoto ABS.

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