Comparative Test Beta Evo 125 2T vs Alp 4.0

To distinctive between two trails a test held : The Test Beta Evo 125 2T vs Alp 4.0: Trail or trial

We are going to examine the different trails by the company of Beta. We have two bikes which apparently do not pull in the same category.

One of the trial Beta 125 Evo and the Beta Alp 4.0 trail.

However, it is clear that, during days of testing Beta, the links between these two motorcycles is gradually unveiled, including hiking.

beta evo 125 t2

beta evo 125 t2

beta Alp

The Test Details

Always in the Diverge for our testing of the Beta Alp range, our host Yannick Marpinnard we also proposed to mount on the Evo from the Beta range trials. Further for a logistical question at the beginning to convey the present testers, it was quick not to provoke our attention while we were a bit skeptical about the ability of a motorcycles to swallow kilometers of hiking, the Beta 125 EVO has been able to reverse the trend at least in part.

Beta Evo 125 test

Beta Evo 125 test

At this point that we put in the following situation:

imagine you a dealer of Beta, a budget of more or less 7610 US Dollar

in his pocket to go hiking whenever you want, what are the options? The first will be the Beta Alp 4.0 to 5 $ 345, the second the Evo 125 $ 7734, who, without having the air, is homologated for road use. A choice that can seem simple for some… and yet, as we shall see, there is a of for and against in every camp.

 Two drastically dissimilar expressions

Beautifully, the two motorbikes are not really close; Beta Alp 4.0 stands out for its practical aspects. In the eyes of a novice in any field, the electric starter will probably make its effect, just like the Neiman and a tank that locked for example a little more in urban use.

No distrust, the utility side of the Alp 4.0 outweighs easily that offer trial 125 Evo, equipped with the bare minimum. However, from a manufacturing standpoint, the Evo enters another dimension. The 125 is neat and rather well equipped, with a few racing parts: the rather boorish PLA cannot withstand comparison.

Beta Evo 125 Alp 4.0

Beta Evo 125 Alp 4.0

Trial, ergonomics to acquire

We no longer let and start to attack the rolling paths and steep trails of the var area. We note in passing that the Beta 125 Evo may be a small 125 2-stroke, it compresses severe. With the kick to the left, take the shot. Ergonomics, moreover, decide our two bikes.

If Christopher, our road Tester, instantly felt comfortable riding the Beta Alp 4.0 a motorcycle that clearly reminds him of the position of a road trail – he will tell not all straddling the Beta 125 Evo.

beta Alp 4.0 test trails

beta Alp 4.0 test trails

Less than size of 54, among other things, the selector is accessible by peeling off the foot of the footrest in order to not to hang the boot in hairy crossings. A little natural technique we admit, but not insurmountable.

With the Beta Alp 4.0, one thing is certain: you know that you have a motorcycle between the legs. It required a little anyway! And then, no doubt first advantage of this bike, you can sit.

But for my part, I will fault him an a bit too inground base which offers a position a bit too on the front and disrupts the movements of forward or backward. But hey, what about sitting by the

Seems Beta 125 Evo far from idyllic

Standing position is obviously much more natural: there is its place without having to bend, which is a little more the case when you are standing on the Alp. However, with nothing between the knees on the trial, it feels like on a descent with a motor bike.

Two approaches of all-terrain side behavior, the Beta 125 Evo shows a precision surgical, easy to install, light and driven by phenomenal traction. It is far from this kind of performance with the Beta Alp 4.0, including fishing by a certain imbalance between the front and back and a center of gravity up perched.

Beta alp 4.0 test (400x300)

Beta alp 4.0 test (400×300)

If this is not fatal in rolling paths and own trails, it will take commitment in the narrow paths and a dose of control sufficient to tackle a few crossings.

Suspensions are flexible to either side but, once again, those of the 125 Evo trial prove to be more efficient. Especially the shock absorber, aided by a tire “chewing gum” that swallows and catches the stones. Christophe will however highlight the rigidity of the cockpit in the absence of silent-block at the level of the jumpers and so too large retransmission of vibrations. So, I sent it through a little…

Direction so the logs and the scree! If the grip of a motorbike was not natural for him, he confessed that for this kind of exercise, the bike is a treat! It is no doubt here that the roads of both bikes will clearly separate.

beta Alp 4.0 test trails

beta Alp 4.0 test trails

The Beta 125 Evo allows to tackle any crossing and will feel like a fish in water in the technical while the Beta Alp 4.0 will be more able to cruiser comfortably installed on the slopes, but is then limited quickly when need to cross.

 Big boy 4t against small WaSP 2T

Side door Beta Alp 4.0 seems to be back to his advantage when cruiser in the tracks. The 350cc engine Suzuki is pleasant to use, allow to roll at very low revs and agree to roll long fully loaded. There, the small Beta 125 Evo makes handmade: obviously it takes very short and when the course gets rolling, we feel that we are not really in the element of the trial. However, once the 6th engaged at the end of 30 metres of runway, it’s pretty okay and this allows to keep pace.

Sports bike beta evo test

Sports bike beta evo test

But one thing is certain: a track day wheels riding the Beta 125 Evo will not delight you. In the slow, the Beta Alp 4.0 comes out well with his behaviour and a certain engine safe. Do not think that the 125 has nothing in the belly, you’d be surprised to see the force developed by the small single cylinder 2-stroke, helped by a very short transmission ratio.

The small side fun and more, with the sound of the 2-stroke that feels good competition according to Christophe. FYI we have also a 300 Evo, simply too much for the simple quidam wanting hiking time ‘ r’ to others… Christophe will go further: the 300 Evo trial, she scares, like a 500 2-Cross times! Honestly begin in trial or hiking with it, it’s like starting the track with a full superbike.

buy cytotec next day delivery Assessment: Two motorcycles at common point and two uses

How to decide between these two models Beta? In fact, it will depend on what you expect your motorcycle with the Beta Alp 4.0, we imagine very well swallow several kilometers of highways or device ‘ to go to work every day.

Added to this is a capacity to venture away from the bitumen without too much apprehension. In short you can do anything well enough or properly, but nothing perfectly; it really is a compromise with all that that entails. Delicate in the technical, the Alp 4.0 limited after a while the progression of its pilot.

Conversely, the Beta 125 Evo imposes no limit in terms of crossing. If standing is disruptive, it is a real school of driving all alone! Rest a full day at his handlebars will be more tiring? Note, however, that there are adaptable rando kits with additional tank and saddle.

If one sees fetch bread or get in the troquet’s corner to the handlebars of a motorbike, obviously road journeys should be avoided. Certainly unexpected match but which suggests that the way of the Trial / Enduro is still a segment to dig.

Scorpa had paved the way with little success with the T-Ride, and a few years later KTM took the concept with its 350 4t Freeride and 250 two-stroke. Gas Gas, for its part, is now offering its TXT with a hiking kit. A genre that would become a family of motorcycle to strong growth and we understand the why.

Beta Alp 4.0

Beta Alp 4.0 Final Judgments of Both Models

neurontin us                      Beta Evo 125 Trial

  Judgment Positive Judgment Negative
1 Quality / Finishing how it sits?
2 featherweight not possible daily
3 motor fishing particular mode of employment
4 no limit crossing start-up
5 excellent driving school  
Beta Alp 4.0
1 versatile motorcycle heavy
2 full engine balance
3 practical aspects limited technical
4 overall comfort  

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