Harley Davidson Fat Boy A Softail Motorcycle

Torreon The Harley Davidson Sportster is one of the unavoidable models of the kingdom custom. This is authentic Harley-Davidson style through and through with an attention to detail you won’t find from any other motorcycle company and the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy one of the biggest sales. The American manufacturer gives a big stone rider that is Fat Boy with Custom Style. You can roll with gleaming eye-appeal that’s thick with legendary Fat attitude, right off the ration.  Pure Harley’s dripping with power  from the classic edge of the cooling fins to the clean lines of cases and covers  the Twin Cam 103 engine makes an ironclad statement about holding on to what’s right and staying true to what satisfies

It’s how you look riding it. It’s how it feels. It’s the classic, relaxed riding position. Evoking the “hardtail” choppers of the ’60s and ’70s, the Fat Boy motorcycle keeps that heritage alive more than forty years later. This is the original “fat custom” bike laid-back and luxurious with an unmistakable profile on the road.

harley davidson fat boy

harley davidson fat boy

The fuel tank makes a statement with its leather tank strap, chrome side badges, and chrome speedometer and ignition switch console. The Fat Boy model speedometer face boasts a big, bold display for the odometer and an ancillary display for gear and rpm. It’s a signature rigid look, and you’ll only find it on a Softail  model.

Highlighted Features H.D. Fat Boy

The Fat Boy big in all the right places. The 17-inch wheels of silver, bullet-hole, disc-cast aluminum definitely make an impression especially with rubber 140mm wide in front and a beefy 200mm in back and check out the chopsticks up front fat front fork behind the huge, gorgeous headlamp. The handlebars are wide, giant stainless steel with bare-knuckle chrome risers. Plus, the fuel tank medallion boasts a generous slab of mirror chrome finish noticeable on any stretch of road. It’s a lot of fat in one tight bike. Certainly meaty, Wide, Big-boned, A bruiser.  All is here that’s you have desire.

Every rider want a comfortable bike but love that rigid-suspension look, you have come to the right bike. We have kept all the modern comforts where they belong below the surface of a rad, vintage-looking bike. You get the classic lines of a vintage “hardtail” frame with the horizontal rear shocks hidden in the gannets.

hd fat-boy  picture

hd fat-boy picture

You want a ride that rumbles not begs for mercy when you lean on it a little. The 6-Speed Cruise Drive Transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed. It’s a rare ride when a bike responds like this, and a low growl goes a long way when you’re opening up the road ahead.

Harley Davidson engine delivers more stump pulling torque, while its Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection jetting gives crisp, lively throttle reaction. It’s a performance punch that you’ll appreciate when passing, climbing hills, or rolling with luggage packed or a passenger in back all under that signature Motor Company rumble and it comes at lower cruising rpm, so you ride more smoothly, with less engine vibration and better highway fuel economy.

harley fat boy silver

harley fat boy silver

Harley gives another unique security system

The factory installed next-generation security system features a hands-free fob that automatically arms and disarms the vehicle electronic security functions as you approach and walk away from the bike. Stick the fob on your ignition key ring and let it do all the work. It’s this attention to details and security that make Harley-Davidson motorcycles unique.

Harley Fat has Anti-Lock Brakes

When it comes to the Fat Boy model with l ABS, “stopping power” has a double meaning. The components of our ABS are tastefully hidden within the wheel hub, so you’ll still turn heads with clean, streamlined design. More importantly, though, you get certainty in the saddle knowing your bike’s going to behave when you need it.


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