Yamaha PED1 and PES1 electric motorcycles going for production

Yamaha PED1 and PES1 electric motorcycles going for production in the new generation technology race for 3G era.

A big player in the two-wheeled world is hopping into the electric moto market. Yamaha’s PES1 and PED1 battery powered notions are going into production in the near future, the company announced.

Visor Down’s dialogue that, the Yamaha disclosed in its annual report that both cycles would be in production by 2016. According to further  announcement “In addition to the advantages of being electrically powered, these motorcycles will offer the operability expected by existing motorcycle fans, together with a new riding experience”.

Yamaha PES1 motorcycle

Yamaha PES1 motorcycle

Its skinny looks don’t give it away; these are some very light motorcycles. In concept form, Yamaha reported that the PES1 sport power came from a removable lithium-ion battery pack and brush less DC motor that were housed in a monologue frame that was shared by both motorcycles. The theories were equipped with a transmission with both manual and automatic modes.

Yamaha-PES 2 wheel electric motorcycle

Yamaha-PES 2 wheel electric motorcycle

Yamaha Corp hasn’t released performance figures for either motorbike hitherto. Though, an earlier video suggested that the top speed of the PES1 was limited to 62m/h. Decided, that was the notion version, and the production model could be faster.

Seeing that Yamaha has a long and storied history of building fantastic motorbikes with internal combustion engines, we have high hopes it can do the same to challenge the electric motorcycle ecosphere.

yamaha ped1 (600x400)

yamaha ped1 (600×400)

The Yamaha PES1 and PED1 are built on the same platform. The midship chassis holding the brushless DC motor will also be share. They differ in the kind of suspensions and sprockets they use, due to a fundamental difference in the nature of bikes. PES stands for Passion Electric Street Sport and is Yamaha’s attempt at recreating the sport bike experience on an electric vehicle. The PED1 is sort of a dirt bike version of the PES1, by way of exposed by the mudguard and tires.

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