Ducati Superbike 899 Panigale Technical Spec Review

Ducati Superbike 899 Panigale Technical Specification and Features

To know technical specification and what technology to use in the bike the bike that we are going to buy is very essential like as it is a decision for life. Because the vehicle always the companion for running life.

So here we are offering for you short but comprehensive technical specification of Ducati superbike Panigale 899. You should take keen interest in the unique technology if you add to this Panigale 899 in your journey.

ducati panigale picture

ducati panigale picture

The Duacati new revolutionary technology found in the Monoscocca frame and Superquadro power engine, 148 HP supplied with incredible precision and extraordinary agility, the unmistakable design, Ducati Quick Shift and ABS fitted as standard. This all certifies that the Panigale 899 is just the bike to give a Ducati Superbike adrenalin rush, both on the road to the track.

About Panigale 899 Engine

Panigale 899 engine has been designed as the structural element of the frame as such; its style manner has been absolutely reviewed to ensure the best design in terms of structure, weight distribution and forcefulness and the cylinders, at a 90° angle to each other, have been rolled back an additional 6° on the crankcase to produce a 21° angle between the front cylinder and the horizontal plane.

Ducati panigale 899 2014 Engine (634x357)

Ducati panigale 899 2014 Engine (634×357)

This has allowed the engine to go forward, accordingly improving the distribution of weights between the front and rear end and achieving the perfect position of the fastener points of the cylinder heads into the monocoque chassis of the Panigale 899.

Panigale Chassis Teach

The Panigale’s 899 chassis endures the pioneering Monoscocca notion to different components have been integrated to give shape to a single dense and lightweight element that also enhances the bikes enthuses stance to perfect the riding situation. The monocoque structure in cast aluminium for increased strength uses the Superquadro engine as a structural element and allows Ducati Superbikes to be lightest in verity.

ducati 899 2014 chassis image (634x357)

ducati 899 2014 chassis image (634×357)

The monocoque frame is fixed directly to the cylinder head, and at its front are 2 aluminium bushings inserted with the steering tube bearings. In addition to performing the traditional function of a frame, the monocoque also acts as an air box. Contained inside it, in adding to the air filter, are the throttle bodies and fuel circuit complete with injectors and the bottom of the steel becomes its cover when equestrian in abode.

Panigale ABS System

The Panigale 899 in used 9MP ABS standard on latest generation system with 2 channels that performs shared braking with control of rear wheel lifting to guarantee not only shorter braking distances, however also the greatest constancy during braking. The 9MP ABS offers three levels of operation specifically intended for sport use, each connected with a Riding Mode; the system works only on front discs to allow advanced track braking techniques for expert riders in the Race Mode.

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