Triumph Thunderbird A motorcycle of 2014

A sturdy, eager power engine, refined chassis, powerful looks and broad riding position give our new Thunderbird Commander the power and presence to dominate any road. Based on our original Thunderbird, the Commander easily impresses riders and onlookers with its classic cruiser style, premium feel and the world’s largest capacity parallel twin engine. And being a Triumph, it’s a cruiser that also gives you day-long comfort, practicality, character and, on top of all that, superb handling. There is no negotiation accept this.

thunderbird 2014 triumph pic (850 × 844)

thunderbird 2014 triumph pic (850 × 844)

Dashing Styling

  1. Engine style is with machined engine fins and chrome covers contrasting against the deep black barrels and crankcases. Like the rest of the Commander, this engine was designed to have impact on the eye as well as the road.
  2. Its chassis like The Thunderbird Commander is bold all over. We took the engine’s dominant styling and continued the theme across the entire bike with the quality and level of detailing you’d only expect from a Triumph cruiser.  A massive polished top yoke and polished stainless steel fork shrouds, signature Triumph twin headlamps, bespoke Commander badges and Art Deco LED tail light and rear indicator assembly all combine for a powerful, low, lean, sleek custom cruiser look.
triumph thunderbird wallpaper (1024 × 682)

triumph thunderbird wallpaper (1024 × 682)

Eager Engine

  1. Configuration: Being a Triumph, the Thunderbird Commander is packed full of modern engineering.  We added double overhead camshafts and a crankshaft with 270 degree firing intervals, to give you an engine with authentic cruiser character.  Whilst the fuelling is looked after by a sequential fuel injection system and progressive throttle linkage so your engine delivers its torque exactly the way you expect.
  2. Belt Drive: We gave the Commander a belt final drive for low maintenance and long life.
  3. Overview: The world’s largest capacity parallel twin motorcycle engine. As based on the original Thunderbird parallel twin. The beating heart of the new Commander generates an organic, torque-rich riding experience unmatched for sheer grunt and ease-of-use.
  4. Performance: Powered by a pair of saucer-sized forged pistons, the 1699cc eight-valve, DOHC engine’s uneven 270° firing interval and long-stroke design produces a potent 94PS (93bhp) at 5400rpm and a huge 151Nm (111 lb.ft) of torque at a lowly 3550rpm, giving the Commander bags of twin-cylinder character.
  5. Transmission: Developed and refined by our engineers so that the Commander gives you performance through a seamless, snatch-free transmission.
triumph thunderbird commander 2014 wallpaper (1024 × 682)

triumph thunderbird commander 2014 wallpaper (1024 × 682)


We used all of our engineering expertise in making the geometry just right, so the Thunderbird Commander  steers as beautifully as it looks. Even at low speeds. And it has to be extremely stable when going faster, yet amazingly agile when you ask it to change direction rapidly. So you get a bike that’s responsive, even in the tight, low speed man oeuvres. There’s no handling compromise when you choose a Triumph cruiser. We built the Thunderbird Commander to look mean and as well as put a smile on your face.

Its frame, A dynamic engine with dynamic styling demands an equally dynamic chassis; one which reflects our belief that every bike, whatever its style, should be agile yet stable, have predictable, neutral steering and superior suspension and brakes.  The Thunderbird Commander is no exception to that rule.

Tiumph thunderbird 2014 wallpaper (1225 × 626)

Tiumph thunderbird 2014 wallpaper (1225 × 626)

  1. Wheels and Tires: Fat-section 140/75 17-inch front and 200/50 17-inch rear tires running on diamond-turned cast wheels.
  2. Suspension: The Commander’s handling is further enhanced by a chassis specification worthy of sportier bikes.  It features shrouded 47mm Showa forks, twin 5-way preload adjustable Showa rear shocks, with optimized dual-rate springs, keeping you isolated from bumps but in touch with the road.
  3. Brakes: Four-pot Nissin calipers on 310mm floating discs up front and a single Brembo caliper and 310mm disc at the rear.
  4. Handling: From the moment you roll forward on the Thunderbird Commander, you’ll notice that handling control is a priority, not an afterthought.  Light, neutral steering belies the width of the tires, giving the rider form and function in one package.  The parallel twin engine’s compact weight distribution means the centre of gravity is focused in front and below your knees, giving the Commander a gentle, even tilt into turns.
  5. Footboards: The Thunderbird Commander gives you high quality foot-boards made from chromed high-pressure die-cast aluminium, featuring replaceable skid plates and an adjustable heel/toe gear lever.
  6. Seat: Rider and pillion seat foam is a double-layer, dual-density material, soft and receptive on first feel but compressing to give a firmer, supportive yet pliant ride. The rider’s seat has also been especially shaped with wide, flared sides and a lumbar support to provide maximum comfort even at the end of a long day’s ride.
  7. Tank: A massive 22 litres fuel tank with off-center filler cap.
  8. Instruments: Tank-mounted dash console including classic analogue-style speedometer, a fuel gauge and an LCD with range-to-empty, twin trips, odometer and clock functions, conveniently scrollable via a handlebar-mounted button.
  9. Silencer: Twin, straight-cut drainpipe silencers so wherever you ride you’ll be accompanied by the Commander’s stirring exhaust note, specially tuned for pitch perfect progress.
thunderbird triumph 2014 (835 × 597)

thunderbird triumph 2014 (835 × 597)

Engine and Transmission

  1. Type: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, Parallel-twin, 270 deg. firing interval
  2. Capacity: 1597cc
  3. Bore: 103.8 mm
  4. Stroke: 94.3 mm
  5. System: Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, progressive linkage on throttle
  6. Exhaust: Chromed twin-skin stainless steel 2 into 1 into 2, tandem large-volume catalysts in centralized catbox, chrome-plated
  7. Final Drive: Toothed Belt
  8. Gearbox: 6-speed, helical 2nd – 6th
  9. Clutch: Wet, multi-plate
  10. Oil Capacity: 1.1 gal.
2014 triumph thunderbird LT (600 × 450)

2014 triumph thunderbird LT (600 × 450)

Dimensions and Capacities

  1. Length: 2340 mm
  2. Width Handlebars: 880
  3. Height without Mirror: 1120 mm
  4. Seat Height: 700 mm
  5. Wheelbase: 1615 mm
  6. Rake: 32 deg.
  7. Trail: 151 mm
  8. Tank Capacity: 5.8 gal.
  9. Wet Weight: 339 kg


  1. Max Power EC: 86PS @ 4850
  2. Max Torque EC: 146NM @ 2750

Fuel Consumption

  1. Urban: 38 US mpg
  2. 56 mph/90 kph: 56 US mpg


triumph thunder on road (728 × 410)

triumph thunder on road (728 × 410)

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