Bajaj Pulsar 300 is a Excellent Motorcycle In India

The Bajaj Pulsar 300  launch in 2013 in  India. Bajaj has already launched Pulsar 200NS in India. The Pulsar 300 is very sleek in design and packed with high end wellbeing and comfortable features which make riding safer and comfort. With the launched of new Pulsar 300, Bajaj Two Wheeler‘s sales got fastest growth because the brand already created a footprint in the Two Wheeler markets.

The 2013 Pulsar 300 w powered by 300cc four-stroke, V Twin, two-Cylinders liquid cooled DOHC engine which produces maximum power of 29bhp at 5000rpm and maximum torque of 2.98nm at 6500rpm.

Bajaj Pulsar 300cc red side veiw picture (600x470)
Bajaj Pulsar 300cc red side veiw picture (600×470)

Due to its sport look, seat saddle, headlamps and electric start option, dual disc brakes, mono shock absorber and few other add-ons. Pulsar always done the work on public bike enthuses and  get attentions by pulsar lovers and may be considered as a one of the stylish motorbikes in India.

Bajaj Pulsar 300 has excellent performance in travel and gives the mileage average about 20km/L. Pulsar has quick start action by electric start.

pusar 300 wallpaper (1024 × 768)
pusar 300 wallpaper (1024 × 768)

Highlighted Features Of Bajaj Pulsar 300

Engine Type                                   : 4-Stroke, V Twin, 2 cylinders, Liquid cooled DOHC

Displacement                                : 300cc

Maximum Power                          : 29bhp@5000rpm

Maximum Torque                        : 2.98 Nm @ 6,500 rpm

Starting                                          : Electric Start

Wheel Type                                   : Alloy

Fuel Efficiency                             : 20 km/l

Fuel Capacity                               : 18 liter

Fuel Reserve                                : 4 liter

Fuel Type                                     : Petrol

Brakes                                          : Front Disc, Rear Disc

Gear Box                                      : 6 Speed

bajaj pulsar 300 picture (640 × 410)
bajaj pulsar 300 picture (640 × 410)

Where the many motorbikes in the markets are so expensive but Bajaj careful for their loving riders the Pulsar 300 not more expensive it is price for different variants start from Rs. 100000 to 150000.

bajaj pulsar 300 picture
bajaj pulsar 300 picture

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