Aprilia Shiver 750 Test Aspects

We tested it thoroughly its design, performance, strong feelings and even some versatility are some of the qualities that define the Aprilia Shiver 750. The Aprilia is design, sportsmanship and competition. The Italian factory stands out by the personality of their designs and to apply the latest technology to its products, qualities that have given its fruit in competition with more than one hundred of world titles.

Aprilia Shiver 750 exterior wallpaper (1152 × 768)

Aprilia Shiver 750 exterior wallpaper (1152 × 768)

The Aprilia Shiver 750 is a model that collects all that experience developed in competition to apply to a mid-range model designed for the road. The Shiver was born in 2007 and receives its last update and starting to point in 2010 with subtle but palpable aesthetic changes sharp lines, a revised electronics, discs wave and a good looking cipolin. We tested the 2013 version and with regard to the 2010 vary in color chart that accentuate their sportsmanship and that, despite not being one of the most popular in the sales ranking, remains as one of the most beautiful and sports naked of the moment.

Aprilia Shiver 750 has Equipments

Aprilia Shiver 750 is a motorbike that stands out for its level of finishes, to simple view draw attention to the brake calipers radial anchor, lobed discs, metal hoses, cams adjustable in depth, hydraulic clutch, inverted fork, tubular frame painted in red, the generous tipper or the dual exhaust under the tail.

shiver instrumental picture

shiver instrumental picture

Instrumentation photo called ‘Matrix’ is at the l

Evil of high-end motorbike, in fact is exactly the same as mounted her older sisters as the Aprilia Dorsoduro, the Tuono V4 or the very same RSV4 APRC. The information found in the digital display is very extensive and unusual in this segment: gear engaged, time, ambient temperature, level of water temperature, mode of chosen engine, two partial trip with time driving, average, maximum speed, consumption in various formats, partial and total kilometers among others.

By putting some drawback, I would have liked the March indicator out faster and with more large digits, you have something delay and is camouflaged between the wide information displayed. Also I miss a fuel level indicator, although it is true that you have led and kilometers traveled since the reserve is reached.

Aprilia-Shiver-750 exterior wallpaper (1152 × 768)

Aprilia-Shiver-750 exterior wallpaper (1152 × 768)

But if something special to the Shiver 750, it is its electronic ride-by-wire accelerator of second generation. This innovative system already has become indispensable in the world of competition and has been one of the main baizes that Aprilia along with Max Biaggi had to win twice the SBK World Championship and that already arises as the solution of the future for the street bikes and someone will ask, what the hell is that the ride by wire?

Basically is the accelerator which replaces the classic cable of gas which is responsible for opening or closing the butterflies of admission in a mechanical way. The ride-by-wire is an accelerator that measured by sensors the aperture and speed with which we turn the throttle, sends it to the electronic control unit to study it in advanced software along with other parameters of the bike temperature, speed, engaged gear, speed, etc, and by means of a servomotor opens more or less the butterflies to give us more precise engine response.

The ride by wire, as well as facilitate and improve throttle response in general, allows the Shiver 750 to enter different engine maps, something unprecedented in its category. This electronic throttle allows us to choose between 3 modes according to our style of driving, the response we expect from the engine or the different conditions that we can find on Road:

1-      Sport: direct and immediate response to Accelerator, delivering the best performance for a sporty driving.

2-      Touring: response of the throttle more soft and easy to use on a daily basis, on road or traffic.

3-      Rain: reduces the torque available at 25% to improve the grip on wet ground or for those who want to soften the delivery of power and torque.

Engine and Part cycle

The engine of the Aprilia Shiver 750 is a two-cylinder V-Twin 90 ° cubing 749,9 cc. You are water cooled and has 4 valves per cylinder, electronic fuel injection and, as you ahead, is a pioneer in the use of the electronic throttle ride by wire.

Shiver has a reputation for making the best chassis and the Shiver 750 lives up to it. Mixed frame consists of a tubular steel housing joined two plates pressed aluminium, with a generous reinforced swing arm with pins, delivered to the set a remarkable rigidity. A compact chassis designed for European public and European roads.

aprilia shiver 750 ABS

aprilia shiver 750 ABS

The suspensions are formed by a Showa inverted fork with 43 mm diameter rods with 120 mm of travel and a rear shock absorber by Sachs, mounted on side cantilever without rods that has preload adjustment and hydraulic.

Brakes system are one of the strong points of the Shiver, it has adjustable levers in depth and it has two floating discs of style ‘wave’ of 320 mm bitten by two radial anchor with 4 pistons and metal hose clips resists warping. It has the same equipment as the RSV Mille and in the Shiver cannot put stick. A 240 mm disc with single piston allowing a correct dosing and control the rear wheel is used for the rear train.

aprilia shiver 750 image

aprilia shiver 750 image

Dynamic testing of Aprilia 750

When we got to the Shiver 750 we realize that we have a naked of the ‘sugarcane’. Commander’s position is comfortable, but the nearly flat handlebars and the footrests high and delayed us placed in attack position and deposit is wide and slightly opens the knees, has the seat 810 mm above the ground, but thanks to its narrow at the tip is easy to reach the ground.

Double-height seat is comfortable and controls are where they should be, levers are adjustable in depth and the clutch has hydraulic control, which helps to improve the good touch of change, which is smooth and precise. Standing is a bike light 189 kg, it is not an effort move the bike paddling feet while the rotation angle is somewhat limited and parking lots requires us to make any more maneuver, an almost generalized feature in this segment.

aprilia shiver 750 road test picture (600 × 400)

aprilia shiver 750 road test picture (600 × 400)

In town is a bike that allows you to circulate in long kicks and jerks marches, although mode Touring or Sport much has and will have to be soft with gas shock if we do not feel forceful thrust of your V2, which is capable of letting the front in a span of the ground wheel if we are sharp. The engine has low vibration and the consumptions are content for the benefits that offer. If we control ourselves with accelerations consumption can easily be made below the 5 liters to 100 km someday we have got it down to 4.5 liters to 100 km according to the indicator of consumption.

We arrived at the road’s curves and here is where the Shiver shows us that it is designed to enjoy these places. Just before reaching the first corner asks you to take the clutch, let go of the accelerator and passes to the Sport mode to enjoy the splendor of its powerful twin-cylinder. An engine pushing from the very bottom without weakening to 10,000 rpm, resulting especially fun among the 9,500 rpm and 6000 rpm range that exceeds the 75 Nm of torque.

aprilia 750 picture (650x530)

aprilia 750 picture (650×530)

We chained curves from one side to another with great aplomb and with the feeling of rolling on Rails, merit that we owe to its rigid chassis, good set of suspensions and the Pirelli Angel series, pneumatic sport tourism that clings to the road that gives taste, I don’t even think how it must go with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa. The wide handlebar gives us work to pull the bike into curves and the Shiver loves to wear the shoulder of the tire, because the sense of security that makes you feel good pilot and ‘surf’ the closed curves of our favorite section does not suggest any effort. Brakes sports applications comply with note and, despite not having the touch of a superdeportiva, manage to stop the bike wherever you want and whenever you want.

Road, good is a naked, nor we ask protection aerodynamics, but thanks much now the cupolino come standard, although it will not prevent the pressure of the wind in the upper part of the chest and helmet. The behavior is good, the bike is stable in fast corners, as I have said earlier steps very well, but the cruises must be peaceful if we do not reach our destination with neck pain. Consumption is generally enough content and 15 liters of the deposit can secure us a range of 300 km if we take it in stride.

shiver 750 picture (810x600)

shiver 750 picture (810×600)

Our companion will suffer as in most sports naked, the footrests are delayed and high as the pilot, allowing the coupling of both occupants, on the one hand but on the other it is at the expense of comfort. As positive point has two generous handles and with respect to the seat, enjoying a good fluffy and enough support, keeping the height above ground so that our companion not miss detail of everything that happens on the road.

Given opinion from the tester

The Aprilia Shiver is these bikes that attract attention by its design and that are love for his behavior. I enjoyed with any device that takes two wheels and an engine, every bike has its good things and not so good things, but they all have their fun dotted regardless of each bike style go more or less with my personal tastes.

The Aprilia Shiver 750 is part of my favorite group of motorcycles, the medium-sized naked pointing ways and are able to get the colors to any ‘cucumber’ you are in a mountain road. It is so universal that it may bring it a newbie that just taken the A2 limited to 47 HP, a medium with A user, Rain or Touring mode or an experienced pilot seeking feelings without the need to make time a circuit (mode Touring or Sport). If you’re a quesadilla of circuit you will find the limits to the two cylinder and even suspensions, but no more than to any naked on the market that is not the last camouflaged Superbike of high handlebars.

aprilia shiver picture (800x531)

aprilia shiver picture (800×531)

It has chassis, has brakes, suspension and engine enough to see all of your points card at a stroke, but at the same time it is valid to go to work every day and enjoy weekends. No suspect a bike different, exclusive, little seen, with many technologies and very balanced that I wouldn’t mind having in my garage.

I hope you enjoyed watching the Aprilia Shiver 750 test and wallpapers. Let us know your views regarding these images.

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