Vespa Sprint 2014

Scooter News 2014:  A new vespa model “Vespa Sprint 2014”  is launching soon

if you are a fan of vespa scooters than this news is good for your attention. Soon you will see new model of vespa in your town. Vespa Sprint 2014 officially announced by vespa.

Vespa trend is old but gold. In every era Vespa always make a space in scooters market. The Italian scooter is in the progression of ‘renewal’ of its range and after the arrival of the Vespa 946 and spring this year will be the Sprint lathe. This new model takes the same name of the scooter sold between 1965 and 1976. In this case take base to the new spring and gives it a sporty rebound with restrained particulars.

vespa sprint new models poster wallpaper (1280x720)

vespa sprint new models poster wallpaper (1280×720)

The mainly significant changes from the point of view of behavior are the new wheels aluminum 12-inch and 14 spokes instead of the 11-inch and five-spoke of the spring. It also shows a lighthouse trapezoidal as the innovative Sprint, new mirrors, absence of details chrome rear fender or a new design for the rail user handles and as new colors will be blue Gladiola and the yellow Positano’s pictures.

In conditions of the engines will be the same as in spring time. This means that a version there will be 125 cc, one of 150 both with 3 valves and 2 versions of 50 cc 2 and four- stroke another variant to reach a younger spectators.

Vespa sprint new 2014 wallpaper (1280x694)

Vespa sprint new 2014 wallpaper (1280×694)

In the similar way that the Vespa S was the sporty version of the old Vespa LX, so the Sprint is to the Primavera, sharing the same chassis, engines and running gear, with a few cosmetic enhancements to establish it as the different model.

2014 VESPA SPRINT  picture  (990x594)

2014 VESPA SPRINT picture (990×594)

Unluckily the ‘sporty’ tag only seems to extend as far as the styling, noticeably the new aluminum wheels, squarer headlight and new dashboard, amongst a few other features. Nevertheless we’ve still sent Iggy out to test ride this new Vespa, which will be available in both 50cc and 125cc versions, and we’ll bring you a report in the forthcoming May edition of Scootering which will be launched this year on the 24 April 2014.

VESPA SPRINT wallpaper (1024x614)

vespa sprint 2014 new wallpaper (1280x794)

vespa sprint 2014 new wallpaper (1280×794)

Here are some pictures and wallpapers of Vespa Sprint 125cc 2014 are available for you. Let us know your views regarding these images.

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