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Yamaha Toxicity New 125cc 2015

Moment in time is as well valuable to waste and thus far every day thousands of commuters all over Europe spend a great deal of time and money getting to and from their place of work. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. And the new Yamaha Tricity is ready to offer a practical, affordable and pleasurable substitute.

Assurance is debt and after presenting at the EICMA 2013 Yamaha Toxicity Concept past now is the moment of Yamaha showing the production model. Yamaha 2015 is a scooter 3 wheel waiting stand models best selling 125 cc with an affordable price and the characteristics of these models.

Yamaha Tricity EU Anodized Red and black drive wallpaper (1152x648)
Yamaha Tricity EU Anodized Red and black drive wallpaper (1152×648)

Yamaha obviously set the target on beginner drivers and holders of B meat with the Toxicity, at a price which will be around 4 thousands Euros appreciation to a compact design and disposal of all artifice trembles Piaggio MP3 125 Your ban. The stability of the two front wheels and tilt Leaning Multi Wheel system provide that extra security to the most reluctant to get on a bike. Security highlighted by its two 230 mm back and 220 mm front disc brakes with braking unified. Front wheels are 14 inches and the rear 12.

Yamaha Toxicity black 2015 wallpaper (1152x648)
Yamaha Toxicity black 2015 wallpaper (1152×648)

Additional accessible  three-wheel scooter

The use of the Yamaha Toxicity is basically urban by the equipped power engine. It is of a single cylinder 4-stroke  that pays 1 HP at 9, 000 rpm and 10.4 Nm at 5, 500 rpm. Do not reach the limit of the 15 HP for a license is understood as a way of lowering the price of access and emphasize its urban character. Only 6.6 liters fuel tank is also in that sense. Another strong point is that ‘ only ‘ have to move 152 pounds in running order, by the more than 200 MP3. That weight and a reduced width of routes favoring its passage between cars make it unbeatable for driving through traffic with respect to other 3 wheel scooters.

Yamaha Toxicity 2015 test drive wallpaper (1152x648)
Yamaha Toxicity 2015 test drive wallpaper (1152×648)

Stylish and graceful look, aesthetically striking large front optics, in addition to by functional characteristics such as their double seat, digital instrumentation, hooks in the glove compartment, flat platform and space under the seat for a jet type helmet. In the absence of price vital for its success, it will be available in summer in Anodized Red, Mistral Grey, Competition White and Midnight Black colors.

Yamaha Tricity Static wallpaper (1152x648)
Yamaha Tricity Static wallpaper (1152×648)

Do you think that he will triumph?

Yamaha have featuring a unique three-wheel chassis, the Tricity125 is a new lightweight city commuter vehicle whose user-friendly features are designed to cater for the needs of new motorcycle riders.

Driven by a 125cc engine and offering scooter-like agility with the feeling of stability and confidence that comes with 3 wheels, the innovative new Tricity puts you back in charge of your life.

Yamaha Tricity both colors Static wallpaper (1152x648)
Yamaha Tricity both colors Static wallpaper (1152×648)

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