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Beta Alp 4.0 2014 A true trail for towns and fields

The Beta 2014 range includes very sharp trail, including sharp enduros and the motorcycles competitive. But the Italian automaker also offers more mainstream motorcycles, particularly in its Enduro leisure range. Therefore, we tested the Beta Alp 4.0, a true trail can take you pick up bread through the trails.

What remains of the real trails today?

Greater thing both the category has evolved in 20 years. The single trails are on the verge of extinction, over shadowed by models bi, then multiple cylinders, which now play cruisers motorway, with electronics and equipment “rally”.

However rest assured- the simple trails, functional and economical, still exist. Beta Alp 4.0 pronounced ‘4 point zero’ nothing to do with the withdrawals of licenses! is part of these survivors. Test took in the Var, on closed track.

beta alp 4.0 enduro
beta alp 4.0 enduro

Simple-almost Pastoral

The Beta Alp 4.0 has barely evolved these latest vintages, Draped red and white. There are few changes and adjustments to the level of plastics and the small nose fairing and a new exhaust. If the general template reminds a trail mono way Yamaha XT 600 E or Honda 650 Dominator, the Beta Alp 4.0 not mistaken not his world and you soon notice the single cylinder air cooled engine borrowed from late the Suzuki DR 350.

By manipulating the Beta Alp 4.0 engine cut, measure the weight of the machine: with 133 kg announced dry, this bike shows much lighter than the trails of 650 cm3 and additional, but extra heavy of a dozen kilos than true enduros. The saddle, located at 863 mm from the ground, conforms to standards trail. Because the bike is relatively fine, one in adapts as soon as it exceeds 1.75 m. What is the case of your modest servant?

Old, shall we say I open the fuel cock, pulls the choke, and launches the single cylinder of a flick on the Starter (the kick has gone): the sound is very pleasant, with one side poum which gives the smile.

beta alp 4.0 2014
beta alp 4.0 2014

Ride seated or standing, without restraint

As soon as the first few hundred meters, there is that ergonomics is also versatile suggests the general spirit of the motorbike. Saddle soft and well-drawn, the Beta Alp 4.0 will be comfortable in the city. Standing once the handlebar/saddle/foot triangle shows relevant despite a handlebar just too backward.

The control of the motorcycle is relatively easy, although one feels a mass distribution that loads more forward. At low speeds, this translates into an a little clumsy direction, which requires francs on the footrest support to change the trajectory. Thanks to a voluntary motor that is give highest speed, the front axle is lighter and Beta Alp 4.0 offers a satisfactory accuracy in the pebbly enfilades, without reaching the surgical level of a modern enduro. During climbing requiring galloping horses, we found that the rear train imposed back in the saddle to find stability. He must play his body to guide the best Beta Alp 4.0. However, do not assimilate these remarks to scathing criticism also need to relocate the Beta Alp 4.0 on the market. It is typed trail Enduro leisure, not a race bike.

Beta alp 4.0 picture (400x300)
Beta alp 4.0 picture (400×300)

Suzuki block still full of gratification

Certainly, if the Beta Alp 4.0 does not develop itself in trees like an enduro 450 cm3, its power engine is no less amazing. We had under the hand of motorbikes lower displacement during this test, inevitably less powerful but the real trials in two-stroke engine. What has enabled us to put into perspective on the power of the 4.0.

Although old, block Suzuki 350 cm3 is always a beautiful effect. It shows flexible enough in pins. Still happy, shall we say, given the rather manly clutch control. Then, as soon as the substantial, he tows with quite a lot of energy, enough to alleviate the nose wheel and in difficulties such as the Rocky climbs or small jumps calls requiring the trunk, he answers now. In addition, it features of sufficiently safe at midrange to allow riding a report below. There is wound from cable and the Beta Alp 4.0 springs with good traction.

Beta alp 4.0 wallpaper (1024x683)
Beta alp 4.0 wallpaper (1024×683)

In use Enduro leisure, often use intermediate reports, with a second and a third good stage to overcome many difficulties, between flexibility and extension. Side tone, it is pretty nice also and remembered that it is in the old pots made the best soups with regard to the cycle part, suspension absorb enough shock all. Generous travels 220 mm at the front and the back are a guarantee of support in market descents or somewhat pronounced receptions. Braking deserves to be better served and more powerful lever halfway and over dosed. It accommodates despite everything.

beta motor alp 4.0 picture
beta motor alp 4.0 picture

It is a really versatile leisure enduro

Beta Alp 4.0 can be chausses tires Enduro leisure or more typed tires hard Enduro or Enduro Trial, a wide range that allows to match all possible uses and they are many of this nice little motorcycle.

Equipped with a mechanical proven, reliable and economical to use as maintenance and invoiced 5 $ 344- an honest face its only real rival, the technically most modern KTM 350 Freeride but sold $ 10228. Beta Alp 4.0 allows to face (moderate) road journeys of everyday life while allowing Getaways endurisantes. It is its great strength: have managed to remain a true versatile trail of average displacement.

beta alp 4.0 enduro wallpaper
beta alp 4.0 enduro wallpaper

Therefore, the performance of devices such as the front brake may be relegated to the background. In the end, a motorcycle endearing simplicity and general approval. You never know this trend will come perhaps to the taste of the day.

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