Italmoto S 2014- Excellent Motorcycle in the world

Scooter also a brand is like Coca-Cola, the first thing that comes to mind when you’re referring a Scooter enthuses to a classic scooter, the Italian firm. However the reality is that there are many  brands of scooters are available in the market and offering similar scooters in more or less secret way. The new brand Italmoto is one of them and has just presented at the Salon Motodays Rome.

italmoto S 2014 picture (661x400)

italmoto S 2014 picture (661×400)

Italmoto S Classic and Italmoto S Sport models 2014

They are basically the scooter also available in same engines 4-stroke 50, 125 or 150 cc of recognizable forms, with its classical globular optical, retro mirrors, rims from 12 inches or double seat with chrome handles. The Sport version opts for decorations more alive and vinyl racing.

italmoto S 2014 photo (661x400)

italmoto S 2014 photo (661×400)

The most striking part cycle is the front brake with 200 mm disc that is equipped with Brembo calipers, but otherwise not noted especially, being the rear drum to reduce costs, with a seat height of 780 mm, tank 6 litres and weight between 88 and 92 kilos depending on the motorization. We are sure that cheaper that the scooter is, anything else will be the quality of the components.

italmoto s scooter orange 50cc picture (940x400)

italmoto s scooter orange 50cc picture (940×400)

Italmoto brand young, obviously everything Italian, young entrepreneurs are able to pursue an idea of mobility all designed and manufactured in our House; innovation and creativity, but also elegance and robustness. The idea two scooters, Italmoto exposed here at Moto days 2014, S and S Sport Classic, and both versions you can choose between 3 engines: 50, 125 or 200cc.

You can sit comfortably on board the scooter Italmoto, the posture is ergonomic, and the look is mildly vintage. The seat is comfortable, spacious and even the platform leaves the right space for legs and feet. Italian project, components therefore: front disc brake with Brembo caliper (behind there is a drum, Paioli shocks. The engines we said, range from 50 to 150cc, Two Euro for the 50cc, Euro 3 for 125 and 150 and are all single-cylinder 4-stroke, SOHC-camshaft with valve 2; the power comes to displacement increased 7.7 kW and is delivered to 8,000 rpm. The forced air cooling. The frame is a sturdy steel frame, front connected to a telescopic fork, while behind is fitted with a shock absorber.


italmoto sc vista

italmoto sc vista

The weight is limited, the 150cc version weighs a little over 90 kg, and suggests a guide to agile handling, possible also thanks to small 12 “wheels; the saddle is at an altitude of 78 cm fits a bit all stature. The engine looks brilliant, from low fuel consumption 6 Lt tank capacity and well-tuned with staples transmission of speed CVT. Passenger space is not lacking, although at a quick glance, the handle doesn’t seem ideal.

Inn’s CLASSIC dominates a sleek look and lightweight, while visually Italmoto S Sport offers a visually more appealing, with sports and aesthetic details colorations more showy. Prices start from € 1,790 to the Classic 50 to 2,340 for 150 S Sport version.


italmoto 150cc picture (940x400).png

italmoto 150cc picture (940×400).png

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