Kawasaki repositioning its price- The Strategy

If the market bounce back in 2014 after a rather difficult year 2013 ? It is not forbidden to hope and all manufacturers have carefully considered their figures to create the most attractive possible fee schedule at the same time as minimizing risk at the margin. Kawasaki has chosen not to pass on the VAT increase and reposition some of its models. Thus, the Kawasaki ER-6N password below  $ 8342 ( $ 8341.61or 91751 US Dollarin ABS version).

Kawasaki ER-6n-Front Side 2012-2013 picture (780x530)

Kawasaki ER-6n-Front Side 2012-2013 picture (780×530)

This in order to remain competitive with the Yamaha MT-07 should be offered at a lower price in USD 8343. The number 1 spot for motorcycles over 125 cm3 is at stake to remain in contact with them, Suzuki has also reviewed the price of the Gladius  at $ 7925or $ 8619with ABS, it is also by an attractive motorbikes and their prices, we comprise already spent them look to practical look .

Vignette Roadster picture (500x375)

Vignette Roadster picture (500×375)

This is a kawasaki market price strategy to other market compositors  motorcycles.

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