MotoGP-Suzuki does not visualize About the Open Future

In the gate of Moto GP By creating the Open category, the Dorna(It is a concern for the sport’s organizing) has not only changed the concept now surpassed a CRT that was there to swell the numbers in a time of crisis. Mr. Men Carmelo Ezpeleta also clearly breached that loosens the grip of manufacturers involved in Moto GP. Near to convert into a Ducati, who decided to leave the shared table with Yamaha and Honda, without really expressive if this defection means imperiling seat Italians as manufacturer officially engaged?

There a policy choice that should be clarified, however this decision Borgo Panigale was patiently weighed after a sharp technical expertise. Certainly, it will deal with the electronic control unit Magneti Marelli and renounce its expertise in dressage flea circuses but imposed by Dorna accessory does not seem so retarded while twelve year engines that can evolve instead of five mechanical sealed twenty 4 liters in the tank instead of twenty and a tire dedicated soft Bridgestone are all compensations not take flippantly and lightly. Especially when a crippling regrets behind Japanese inevitable Yamaha and Honda.

At Open category would she be the boon for his faults and strike again cheaply the delay?

There suggestion, perhaps it goes without saying that with such an option on the entry table by Ducati, Suzuki is to all eyes turned. A Hamamatsu shield which will return to Moto GP in year of 2015 and is developing his new bike this year, given the difficulty of its components with the Mitsubishi Magneti Marelli environment. Therefore the question that why spend so much energy and money when you can do almost as well, faster and cheaper?

Moto GP race track HD wallpaper (2000x1334)

Moto GP race track HD wallpaper (2000×1334)

A Japanese front of the CEO(Dorna) Carmelo Ezpeleta ?

This question has not failed to reach the ears of one who is the head of the commando dedicated to the development of XRH-1, Davide Brivio. And it lit against fire. “We want to have the same status as Honda and Yamaha. We do not believe that the Open class has any interest in us, “said the Italian. “Like other manufacturers, Suzuki Moto GP think should be the place where technological innovation must have free rein. Our position is that the mail should be free. We understand the process of Dorna in terms of cost reduction and performance balance. We follow the Dorna on this point, but it is vital for us to develop our own expertise.”Carmelo Ezpeleta’s ambition is to impose a plateau in 2017 with motorcycles equipped with the same electronics and same tires. Open exactly the class of 2014. Ducati has fallen into the hands of the Spaniard who sees before him a Japanese form front to deter his quest for uniformity, synonymous with cost control and sustainability of private actors. The HRC has constantly threaten withdrawal, Yamaha remains discreet but due to his independence, while Suzuki following his compatriots. The political struggle will be tight as per circumstances.

MotoGP wallpaper (1270 × 661)

MotoGP wallpaper (1270 × 661)

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