Evaluation between Kawasaki ER-6N vs Yamaha MT-07

Comparison between Kawasaki ER-6N VS Yamaha MT-07- Twin Fake or real enemy

Here is keen interesting comparison between Kawasaki ER-6N VS Yamaha MT-07 that is we in your attendance you should watch out these MT-07 and ER-6N, Here are two medium displacements you have not finished crossing in France among others. Just go back in past, Since its release in 2006, the Kawasaki ER-6n has built a solid reputation up to hog the top of the French sales of motorbikes over 125 cm3, not less and while our market has a reputation for lover four cylinders, there are many witness the success of Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit and Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit and Kawasaki Z750, Kawasaki ER-6n merely able to change that tendency.

Yamaha MT-07 vs Kawasaki ER-6N

Yamaha MT-07 vs Kawasaki ER-6N

Approaches are changing and as a result Yamaha has each reason to expect success with its new MT-07, roughly a replica of the technical and Kawasaki happens surfing wave Yamaha MT-09. As a result we made all our measurements like weighing and as bench. Exclusive on the website, and we herd and herd again to deliver a complete verdict in this comparative trial in the year 2014. Here a question is raise, which the Kawasaki ER-6N and the Yamaha MT-07 is the best? Here is our opinion.

 Kawasaki ER-6N hobbling beside, the MT-07 drives the point

The first battleground ER6N VS MT07 and there, incontrovertibly, the Kawasaki ER-6N takes getting old. Yet review in 2012, it seems to indict the weight of years although its manufacturing quality and technical mechanism sometimes makes the difference with a Yamaha MT-07. The Yamaha has not missed with this new motorbike that cure, especially some key features are very visual. As Yamaha MT 07 displays a lovely and attractive personality and is appealing both genders without appearing too girly as Suzuki Gladius at its output.

Manufacturing and technically, the new Yamaha MT-07 does not offer much better than the Kawasaki ER-6N. It is even a kind of carbon copy like parallel twin, tubular steel frame, low exhaust line side output under the driver’s feet, both medium displacement are fraternal twins, but real opponent sisters.

Although the Yamaha MT07 brings a breath of sparkle to the category and is eminence by its slender compared to the Kawasaki ER6N. At engine off, we move the bikes to photograph better and MT-07 confirms this impression to plan. We finally validate that the weighing subsequently. Ergonomics, the Yamaha MT-07 imposes a seat /footrest, handlebar/triangle more relaxed while Kawasaki folded legs and heels expelled back. Delicate meniscus as a result enjoys the new Yamaha MT-07.


Kawasaki-ER-6N blue-ride (1600x1066)

Kawasaki-ER-6N blue-ride (1600×1066)

The Yamaha MT-07 twin metal in performance

Second stair of this 1st encounter among the Yamaha MT-07 and the Kawasaki ER-6N, the soundtrack and it may well that Yamaha big points with the general public in this observe.

Here CP2 vertical twin hammers do not like the Kawasaki, evocative of the late Kawasaki GPZ 500 or a cylinder. However the MT-07 offers a more metallic sharper short overall sportier also sharper tone in the towers. When we know that some customers away a motorbike if only because of its exhaust note, this is a crucial point. Static pictures tin can, we drive the bike. We hasten to share our horses and it’s an avalanche of feelings that is offered to us. First a difference in weight and sensitive enough for the Yamaha MT-07. It also reveals a front much more maneuverable at low speed, and to drive the spike, is clearly suppler running gear also.

Then it same Yamaha MT 07 stands out with very soft suspensions, which accentuate even more the effects of mass transfer than the Kawasaki. Add to that, a rattle at low revs under 4000 R/Min that can evoke a V engine and you already get considerable differences did not suggest neighboring technical solutions.

Kawasaki test (640 × 480)

Kawasaki test (640 × 480)

Flexibility and suppleness against goodwill

Forever in terms of act and performance, we hasten to verify the quality of our motorbikes again. The longer the raging twin ER 6N remains valid and elsewhere, high speed; Kawasaki is not dropped, far from it. However, under 120 km /h and the last three reports, the Yamaha MT-07 ever takes the lead. There note that the staging of his gearbox seems very relevant, since the first three speeds give a lot of nervousness in the Yamaha and take short enough to quickly reach the third in urban areas while the last report significantly lowers the system coast road. This aspect adds to the pleasure of a new mechanical well-born and living with his pushes to mid range stronger than the Kawasaki and a sound those changes over stamp caking in the towers.

Yamaha block is more flexible, with a dosage of more precise and smooth throttle on the net gas. Even the successful selection appears on the Yamaha, on a par with the Kawasaki, while this is not really the highlight of the manufacturer forks.

Kawasaki offers for it’s a nice improve in the midrange, which enhances high RPM, sports enjoy, like the sound of the air box. The ER-6N also shines with excellent traction cornering particular, the connection between the accelerator and very neutral Dunlop Road smart II  is very good.

er6n testing speed picture (800 × 500)

er6n testing speed picture (800 × 500)

Kawasaki ER-6N, the school conducts

In the precedent the stage of amazement, we hit the road, the county executive Norman but we cannot cut the inevitable motorway connect road. Taking place at this ground, the Kawasaki ER-6N imposes a cap holding a little better and the kind of protection offered by the trim panel. Yamaha MT-07 is not defended by a less pronounced decline legs, but the saddle is firmer while the absence of any protection immediately neck muscle.

We leave the dreary ribbon for the county that we love so much and we appreciate the qualities of each. The Kawasaki ER-6N, it feels comfortable. Compromise between stability and agility is very convincing.

Going to tell that chassis still informs the driver what is happening under its wheels and it dominates the Yamaha MT-07 on the subject of placement accuracy. With the Kawasaki ER-6N, you never miss a apex, there does not arise a question in turn, they are rub out one by one from the map. When we were riding the Yamaha MT-07, we go from surprise to surprise. Firstly, cornering stability is actually quite satisfactory, slightly than holding cap on the highway not foreshadowed. Then so great maneuverability at low speeds in city requires extra concentration to sporting recital and performance.

Through the 25 kg less than the Kawasaki ER-6N, considering the Bike Doctor to support the new Yamaha tightens the rope so amazing. Likewise, if dryly based on the footrest inside you can quickly find them on the dotted band in the middle of the floor. Very sharp Michelin Pilot Road 3 series probably participate in this great agility. Braking system is more powerful on the Yamaha and it should be used to the incisive attack 4-piston calipers. Later, standing out of a wide open throttle shift to second, the MT-07 offers us a nice wheeling. Um, it not lack of air, motorcycle apprentice.

Recognize less than 25 kg and 0.5 kg/m of torque than the new Yamaha MT-07 could only be more active than its adversary the day. Whatever happens, it claims without complex relationship with his very, very agile Yamaha MT-09?

Kawasaki_ER6N picture (620x388)

Kawasaki_ER6N picture (620×388)

ER6N of MT07 and “A2 license” that does not produce downhearted

After the photo stop at the edge of a pond, we share again our handlebars and approach road in a peaceful way. The opportunity to test the endorsement of suspensions of the two pretenders to the throne of France. On the Kawasaki, no surprise, the damping work is well thought out, with a little dry on some shocks, but a nice rigor that guarantees the ER-6n a heading hold always flawless.

At Yamaha MT-07 still surprises, flexibility a bit confusing static and weight transfer does not result in a behavioral way bicycle pump in potholes. Suspensions work sufficiently degraded asphalt and safety guidance is always safe.  At worst, thanks to its agile dancer will prevent the hole too big of a pulse to the handlebar. Both aimed at a wide audience, including beginners, we wonder which is most appropriate for them, difficult to determine. Kawasaki ER-6n is always reassuring, but even heavier and less maneuverable in urban. Similarly, the engine calls for the knitting of more selective, but is homogeneous throughout.

Yamaha MT-07 has a dosage of accelerator thinner and feeling really low weight. But if you turn the handle awkwardly, his reactions are more vivid and more can surprise the less experienced bikers.

kawasaki-ER-6n city beast (1280x960)

kawasaki-ER-6n city beast (1280×960)

Examination- Yamaha MT-07 Will Quake the Market

Modern line, assertive, generous feelings and lightweight style: it is obvious, the Yamaha MT-07 landed on the market for medium displacement with serious arguments. It could well attract a large clientele with disconcerting ease for beginners and a very respectable athletic potential for the most experienced. However, the MT-O7, the overall comfort and practical aspects are relegated to the background.

There, the Kawasaki ER-6n scores by providing a semblance of protection and a better ability to duo. Less bubbly, the ER6N remains a powerful motorcycle, rigorous, and very homogeneous, but it stalled in the field of fun and performance against a MT 07, which also marks valuable point’s rate side. A $ 7823 with standard Yamaha places the  $ 412 entry in the Kawasaki ticket $ 8235. An achievement for a completely new motorbike.

Ya-MT07 ptictue (968x726)

Ya-MT07 ptictue (968×726)

Yamaha-MT-07 Deep Armor Action (1600x900)

Yamaha-MT-07 Deep Armor Action (1600×900)

Let us know your views regarding these test comparison and images, please post your comments below.



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