Harley Davidson CVO The Road King 2014

It was dream  to get American motorcycle Motor Show recently displayed the concept version of new latest and lower range in price. The http://coldwatergardens.com/eco-design-cottages/ Harley Davidson CVO Road King 2014 was fully revealed by the American manufacturer. Akin to the rest of Harley’s tourers, the CVO Road King has also received the Project Rushmore treatment and here is what you acquire for 2014  a new Reflex Anti lock Braking System (ABS) with Linked Brakes, new dual halogen and LED headlamps, brighter Tour Pak lighting, brighter turn signals, brighter brake lights, and a new steering head with stiffer face forks.

Harley devid -cvo-road king picture(940x560)

Harley devid -cvo-road king picture(940×560)

Asking riders if they’d like passing power is like asking them “Would you like beer in the pitcher” when they have reached their final destination at the end of a long, dusty ride. Everybody wants it, and the Twin Cam 110engine is 110 cubic inches of http://clublaptop.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://clublaptop.co.uk/online-seo-directory/584/fusion5-2/ Harley-Davidson V-Twin built you can rely on to deliver it. The result, enormous low end torque and quick 60-80 m/h 5th gear roll on to get you around that 18 wheeler. In the tradition of the Flathead, Knucklehead, Pan head, Shovel head, Evolution Twin Cam 88 and Twin Cam 96 engines that came before it, the new Twin Cam 110 engine is all about the feeling an engine delivers to the rider. There’s a cause we’re called the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Once you send some fuel to this engine, you will have no doubt who’s it is.

HD-cvo-road king wallpaper (1280x1024)

HD-cvo-road king wallpaper (1280×1024)

Harley’s Cruise give you amazing  and luxurious drive on zigzag road, with good looking  different colors and amazing style. Comfortable and reasonable handsome drive, upgraded performance refurbish suspension, looking a dashing  Red black cobra.

hd-cvo road king picture  (940x560)

hd-cvo road king picture (940×560)

harley d cvo road king photo (940x560)

harley d cvo road king photo (940×560)

So it is a good  power motorcycle  for everyone and age class rider. Let us know your views regarding these images.

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