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The BMW renews its R 1200 GS Adventure in 2014, an impressive motorbike, enthusiastic to far-off travel, African raids or simply fans wholesale rewarding trails, offering a high degree of autonomy as a bonus. It is in Corsica we took control of the pachyderm Stilt to gauge its quality road and off the trampled track. Action!
The R 1200 GS two-cylinders engine, 1170 cm3, 101 mm bore, 30 liters of petrol in the tank, 890 mm seat height, 260 kg with 90% of the full and the appearance of a two-wheeled Hummer. That cute much sums up in a few numbers, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure vintage 2014.
So it is sure that the “top” of my meter seventy boots included, I did not lead off by addressing the beast. How will I climb into the saddle? How will I stop? And address in case you fall into the ground, because there the road running on our test program. Until then, the obscurity plane.

BMW R1200GS smash wallpaper (1267x950)

BMW R1200GS smash wallpaper (1267×950)

It is instinctive to kill distance

The BMW is not his valiant R 1200 GS Adventure version for several vintages. The R1200GS is characterized by a more comprehensive field all fittings and a mix of comfort and pleasure appreciable during long voyages. Examples volume tanks increased, more protection against the weather and suspensions most likely to face the same bike track loaded.
One year after the launch of the R1200 GS air/water in South Africa is in Corsica that BMW presents the R 1200 GS exciting activity, beside testing the new R 1200 RT. The slightest we can say is that this new version of the Adventure impresses or intimidates some points. With 890 mm seat height adjustment as standard, less a meter eighty five will be uncomfortable.
For my part, swaying me, I manage to climb aboard and keep the bike almost right at the stop, but put one foot in a hollow certainly give me the opportunity to test the resistance of the barrier cylinders! In short, to take this enormous dignity trail daily as the end of the world, it is better to be part of the great.

BMW R1200GS First Ride wallpaper (1024 × 768)

BMW R1200GS First Ride wallpaper (1024 × 768)

A extraordinary strengthening

Yet, BMW teams have a intellect of working arcade in the crotch, which makes it easier to straighten the leg to put your feet on the ground, without hindering the calves in the footrest, for example. In fact, after a day of testing aboard the new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, we begin to get used to and feel more at ease.
In addition, the interface is natural, pretty close to that proposed by the R 1200 GS standard, with just thighs further apart because the tank took 10 liters. The grip is rather easy and, given the natural balance of the basic model, we rediscover a very manageable and agile bike in the early kilometers per hour. The advertised weight 260 kg with 90% of full fades almost like it was nothing.
We also discover a clean Adventure with a much more generous fairing on the GS universe. The bubble, always adjustable knob to the right hand (we would have preferred left) is higher and wider. Add to that small deflectors, visors hands and you will understand that the protection is absolute splendid.
It feel no pressure air or almost look motorway. That’s what kilometer down, especially as the overall comfort is one of the highlights of the 1200 Adventure. His suspensions largest travel assimilates additional potholes and she plays roads crumpled.

BMW R1200GS adventure riding wallpaper (1024 × 768)

BMW R1200GS adventure riding wallpaper (1024 × 768)

A supple, but still very attentive boxer

The BMW entirely mastered the notion of platform, a traditional automobile industrial logic, but that applies more to the bike. Thus, the new BMW R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS Adventure inherit virtually the same engine, derived from the flat twin “air / water” of the GS, but softened to provide additional fullness to all plans.
Going on very winding roads and little fast track our test, the differences are not really palpable. The elasticity of typical German twin is recognized. In common usage, it goes without just 2 500 r / min, – or less – third or fourth, and twin gets easily, smoothly. If the handle is open wide, it offers instant and more intense than the previous generation response. The performances are there.
Full of torque in the midrange, very muscular in raises, the boxer does little weakened at high speed (above 7000 r / min), and even in French, it does not show cutesy. Especially since the ASC traction control – supplied as standard, just like ABS – leaves the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure and skate nose slightly before the electronics tempers any eccentricity.
Approval side, with some quite sensitive especially at the ankles vibrations, its availability and vitality do wonders for adhering to the typical character of BMW twins. Recognize however that the flat-twin is far from tasteless, with a very manly exhaust sound, which incidentally, interfere in some long haul.

BMW R1200GS wallpaper (1154 × 768)

BMW R1200GS wallpaper (1154 × 768)

Motorway or she knows everything. And you?

Recently, at our Kawasaki VErsys comparative 1000/Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom.  Mr. Mehdi said “with these bikes here we go where you want.” An award that applies especially to the new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, including 30 liters in the tank allow steps of 300 km prior to refueling.
An advantage that always rolls appreciate not go to the pump several times a week. BMW also notes that customers sometimes hesitate between RT and GS Adventure, especially given their fairly alike rates.
Radiant on the road thanks to its protection and comfort offered by the duo seat / suspension, the R 1200 GS Adventure is as well hiking on rolling trail.  Ergonomics is very fit for standing and the shape of the handlebar is not necessary to look too far ahead as some ultimately more suitable for road SUV trails. Enduro, broad and notched and controls the adjustable feet footrests are also a great help to restrain the rear driving up.
Its Electronics also adapts, and tilting on the Enduro mode, permit the audience more skating, while the optional ESA suspension firms to avoid excessive cuts. To go further, you can disconnect the AUC long pressing the corresponding button. Here, the R 1200 GS Adventure, strong deflections 210 front and 220 mm at the rear, shocks play in the axis of the runway. Even runs are discussed with self-belief.
However, the technical segments demand a certain technical knowledge. Otherwise, we must learn to face the Panzer and it will not be easy given its mass. Moreover, fans of mixed travel often adopt tires more suited to sandy or muddy tracks a road trail riding: Continental TKC 80, Metzeler Karoo 3 or the recent Michelin Anakee Wild.

bmw-r1200-gs-adventure on highway  (1152 × 768)

bmw-r1200-gs-adventure on highway (1152 × 768)

Wrapping up; The Adventure enthusiasts will love

The BMW new R 1200 GS adventure has everything to please enthusiasts of trails “great raid”. Unique and sole, rewarding, exuberant limit with her freewheeling style entirely assumed, ADV 2014 is not in lace.
On the road, it is very pleasant thanks to its coziness and comfort. We guess it good off road capabilities, but to exploit a suitable pattern and a minimum of bottle are important.
lastly, despite undeniable qualities, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 2014 does not address the larger number. Besides its selling price of $ 22818- compared to $ 21174 aprox. for the standard version  will without doubt another barrier to purchase.

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