Suzuki GS 150-The King Of The Raod

Pak Suzuki Moto Corp.  introduce a wonderful and stylish motorbike the GS-150 in Pakistan market. The Suzuki GS launched with a 4-stroke air-cooled power engine 150CC. Its  Japanese styled and shape silencer giving a new  fine look. The GS 150 having a amazing shape and body like a heavy bike gaze. The young Pakistani roadster are very happy to find in market and it will become more popular among the youth of the country. The GS 150 is available in red and black color. It is assuming that the color, style and it is a more comfort among the bikes market.

Suzuki GS150cc wallpaper (1147x887)

Suzuki GS150cc wallpaper (1147×887)

The Suzuki GS150 have a big fuel tank as compared to other brands of the same manufacturer with a capacity of 12 liters. In spite of having a powerful 150cc engine in it, this motorbike is prove a fuel injector and give average  45-55 km/L, which is not ordinary at all. The GS has installed a dual  ignition starting system and  can be started by using a kick starter while inventive way of self-start option is also available. The GS150 is comfort and smooth roadster with 5-speed engine transmission. Its 12 volt-power outlet on handlebar allow usage of GPS navigation equipment and front disk brakes make stopping this monster a breeze and rear drums are only to have optimum control and ensure security. The bike’s suspension is really superb and its silence comfortable even for longer than usual rides.

suzuki-GS150 wallpaper (1024x768)

suzuki-GS150 wallpaper (1024×768)


1. Engine is 150 cc of displacement
2. 12 Brake Horsepower.
3. Front Disk and Rear Drum
4. Plenty of Luggage carrying ability Trunk and Panniers
5. External 12-volt power outlet are waterproof.
6. Secondary 12-volt power outlet inside rear trunk.
7. Self Start.
8. Handle Bar Pouch.
9. Fuel tank capacity is 13 L.

Here we are offering  beautiful wallpapers and pictures of Suzuki GS 150 to make beautiful your desktop screen.

Suzuki 150GS red quality symble (1149x883)

Suzuki 150GS red quality symble (1149×883)

Suzuki 150GS red wallpaper (1149x883)

Suzuki 150GS red wallpaper (1149×883)

Suzuki 150GS blacky wallpaper (1145x883)

Suzuki 150GS blacky wallpaper (1145×883)

Suzuki 150GS Black wallpaper (1145x881)

Suzuki 150GS Black wallpaper (1145×881)

Suzuki 150GS at beach wallpaper (1121x895)

Suzuki 150GS at beach wallpaper (1121×895)

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