Suzuki Trojan! Have You ? Now Available In Your Range!!!

Suzuki Trojan is excellent 2 wheeler vehicle and Australia’s most popular farm bike in 2013, the Suzuki Trojan, will kickstart 2014 at an unbelievably low ride away price now it is in your pocket range don’t wait and caught up the Trojan.

Now there is offer  till the end of the March 2014 , the Suzuki Trojan is available for just $4,490 ride away at participating Suzuki traders.

OriginalEnd of Summer Clearance 800x600

OriginalEnd of Summer Clearance 800×600

Intention built to handle the strong and craggy Australian circumstances, the hard working 4 stroke Trojan is a must have for every farm.

The Trojan is a compact and lightweight and the Trojan is powered with 199cc, four stroke, single cylinder SOHC engine, and has fuel tank  13 liter capacity, twin side stands, alloy hand guards and an electric starter.

Suzuki Trojen blue wallpaper (1024x768)

Suzuki Trojen blue wallpaper (1024×768)

This value packed Suzuki Trojan also includes suitable twin side stands with large footpad, alloy hand protectors and have an electric starter for confident and easy starts.

For further information on the Suzuki DR200SE Trojan, interested customers should visit their local Suzuki dealer or found your nearest dealer.

Suzuki Trojan picture (640x480)

Suzuki Trojan picture (640×480)

Here are some beautiful pictures and wallpapers Suzuki Trojan available for free download.

Suzuki Trojan front side wallpaper (1024x768)

Suzuki Trojan front side wallpaper (1024×768)

Suzuki Original L0_Trojan image (800x600)

Suzuki Original L0_Trojan image (800×600)

OriginalTrojan-for-campaign wallpaper (1024x682)

OriginalTrojan-for-campaign wallpaper (1024×682)

OriginalTrojan Wallpaper (1024x682)

OriginalTrojan Wallpaper (1024×682)


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