Honda NC 750 S Test-Sage development

Hardly two years after its launch, Honda carefully reviewing the NC range, bringing its parallel twin cylinder 745 cm3. This family of motorcycle, innovative in more ways than one, has several models with NC 750 S successor to the NC 700 S. Except ultimately, handlebar hand, brings this evolution?

Honda NC 750 S red side view wallpaper (1280x760)

Honda NC 750 S red side view wallpaper (1280×760)

An Innovative line, the result of a unique design

Additionally a technique of construction taking the principle of technical platform long practiced by car, Honda CN also use a fresh engine, the car close to the technology and puts aside the usual performance  acceleration, maximum speed in favor of approval of use gently times  and consumption.

Attach to that a not banal look, a box built into the false tank helmet except for the scooter family, Integra: straw! A double clutch DCT option and you get a unique cocktail, a new type of culture shock which presented by NC for a generation of experienced bikers.

honda-nc-700-x-test wallpaper (1280x729)

honda-nc-700-x-test wallpaper (1280×729)

The similar, with 75 cm3 additional

NC 700 NC 750 become in 2014. The main changing is gain of 75 cm3, even if the evolution of the finish or color makes sense. The red of our test model is fine complexion of the NC 750 S, which is more harmonious with the dreary gray old 700 black shoe.

In contact  rigid to tell if the sound is more masculine as advertised, but in direct comparison with Honda NC 700 S, we realize that the 750 cm3 sounds fuller and deaf. In the saddle, it is noted that very little change, even if you do not immediately recognize the handlebar seems to have changed. We thus find a very long motorcycle 1525 mm wheelbase 2195 mm long very open column 27 °. We find the sensations already known about 700 cm3 from the first meters, very low saddle as center of gravity, Honda NC 750 S is still feeling its 227 kg fully fueled, checked by us. The absence selector and clutch lever surprised at first and it needs to be done once on the road. However, NC 750 S wants to be reassuring thanks to its soft controls and overall ease.

Certainly, with its geometry a little typed, management falls no low speed. In reality, the 750 does not show up as easy to maneuver at low speeds that the new Honda CB500F, a real fun little motorbike revealed by our comparative facing the NC700S .

Honda NC700X wallpaper (1024x768)

Honda NC700X wallpaper (1024×768)

More than performance, increased approval

For this first contact, we took control of a new motorcycle, with all that that implies. Fat wet winter quickly puts out the torque twin 745 cm3: 68 Nm at 4750 rpm announced / min, Metzeler Roadtec the Z8 entirely new patina on the wettest surfaces. Traction afforded by the long and gradual bike is also excellent when conditions improve and quickly found his confidence, especially as ABS keeping watch during braking. Warning, if braking is sufficient, it is not as powerful as most roadsters equipped with dual disc front. And if, in its first version in 700 cm3 manual gearbox, the Honda NC 700 S was seriously criticized, it is quite different for the DCT release.

The automatic transmission of this dual clutch mode, the motor is almost always used in the optimal range. Reports rise taking into account many parameters and it is no longer under the rather brutal and unpleasant triggering the limiter. Indeed, the relative lack of performance then becomes secondary in favor of the approval of a soft round engine, and finally completed in its narrow speed range, 2 500 to 6 500 R/Min.

Honda NC 750 S on hill highway wallpaper (1280x720)

Honda NC 750 S on hill highway wallpaper (1280×720)

More successful DCT and most smarter

The Honda NC 750 S trumps the NC 700 S in all areas of the game times with the increase in displacement, in manual mode, on the 4th, 5th and 6th gear ratios at 90KM /H as 130 KM/H, our NC 750 S DCT has always had the last word on NC 700 S DCT support, despite a significant difference in kilometers poles and repeats the usual gaits are actually earning, as acceleration in automatic mode. Of course, if we go back to manual mode, sooner or later find the switch problem, but soon, we understand that the whole point and approval this engine is based on the automatic mode of DCT. And this is especially true on the Mode S, The Honda has, in fact, reworked maps of DCT, and S mode is even more successful. The engine and brake management is improving  more natural, understand by this that the transmission will downshift more as you would naturally. Besides, the line between urban areas and the secondary network, we realize, if we are careful, we would use probably the same gear.

Mode S DCT is often right, the drive mode, by cons, is still as shy, passing rates too soon, leaving the bike down before losing a lot of speed and report it quickly finds the sensation of coasting. Honda should see him again.

Honda NC 750 S 2014 speed riding wallpaper (1280x720)

Honda NC 750 S 2014 speed riding wallpaper (1280×720)

Assessment that  An endearing motorbike riders conciliated

Attractive, the Honda NC 750 S DCT certainly is. In current use in the city or on the secondary network, the S mode DCT is a good ally and enjoys even more use when we manage to totally control by modulating the throttle, learning to know its phase shift for the rest, the Honda DCT NC 750 S remains unique in the industry.

It has nothing of a sports roadster, it flourishes more in the utility register with his chest integrated headset, its comfortable ergonomics, the reception of the passenger, the overall comfort even if the suspensions could be even better amortized. Legal nothing, it caters to a customers that is returned from the performance and put more on the general approval. , Honda NC 750 S Sold  $ 10317 USD, in only available in DCT version with ABS as standard, engine developing 54.8 horses, it is not accessible to young A2 license. For them, Honda has developed a range 500 cm3 with twins do not develop more than 35 kilowatts at 47.5 hp and whose CB 500 F ($ 7973) is the entry ticket.

Honda NC 750 S  secure drive wallpaper (1151x768)

Honda NC 750 S secure drive wallpaper (1151×768)

Honda NC 750 S adventurous drive wallpaper (1151x768)

Honda NC 750 S adventurous drive wallpaper (1151×768)

Honda NC 750 S road stop wallpaper (1152x768)

Honda NC 750 S road stop wallpaper (1152×768)

Honda NC 750 S city riding (1152 × 768)

Honda NC 750 S city riding (1152 × 768)

Thank you to bikesdoctor  for the support and the provision of NC 700 S DCT during this test.

Let us know your views regarding this test Saga and  images. Please post your comments below.

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