Product News by Givi “Jeans motorcycle scooter Hevik” 2014

Hevik is the brand new Givi group with which the heavy weight of luggage motorcycle and scooter account diversify its offering for both man for the machine. 2014, technical jeans Hevik try to get a place on a market already well supplied provided .

Hevik the model 404 features a classic cotton washed denim texture and a straight cut. Slightly elastic, it adopts Kevlar panels on the knees and buttocks, areas particularly exposed to friction in the event of a fall.

The CE certified knee protectors are adjustable by velcro, but rather novel approach, taking place from the outside of jeans. A solution which will facilitate the introduction of these reinforcements. Hips receive for their flexible reinforcements. Available in sizes 46-56, jeans Hevik $ 201305 USD is displayed at retailers Givi.

Product News by Givi image (911 × 676)

Product News by Givi image (911 × 676)


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