Yamaha X-max 400/MBK Evolis 400: First impression

In 2013, the family Yamaha X-MAX accommodates the very new Yamaha X-max 400. A scooter of average rolled for those which wish a powerful motorization in a light frame. Available in May 2013, Yamaha X-max 400 will be seen equipped with ABS later in the year, and will have it’s during in range MBK, with Evolis 400 ABS.

Yamaha X-max 400/MBK Evolis 400: First impression

Yamaha introduces today a new member in the family X-MAX, Yamaha X-max 400. A very new scooter intended for those which would wish a power close to that of king T-MAX 530, without to have “to undergo” its imposing gauge.

Yamaha X-max 400/MBK Evolis 400: First impression

The gauge of one 250, power of one 500

The Yamaha X-MAX 400 thus combines the compactness of his/her little brother of 250 Cm3 to a one-cylinder new 4-time 4 valves of 400 Cm3 developing 23.2 kw (31.5 CH) with 7,500 tr/min for a couple raises 60 % compared to X-max 250 of them. For as much, the 400 is hardly heavier than the 250: 211 kg all full announced facts.

This weight contained, associated with a part-cycle of good invoice (light and compact frame, telescopic fork of standard motorcycle, two floating discs of 267 mm to front, light alloy wheels 15 inches with before/13 broad inches in the back, tires), should offer to the Yamaha X-MAX 400 a great promptness of urban use and aptitudes (car) road new in the family

Yamaha X-max 400/MBK Evolis 400: First impression

A sportsman race, who does not forget to be practical,

Aesthetically, Yamaha X-max 400 is distinguished moreover from family XMAX by the form of its careen-age. New the midsize is also equipped with a powerful optical double and new LED and side-lights back: a first on a Yamaha scooter.

The driver’s cab offers forms, materials and completion equivalents so that one finds on a truck of luxury. The new instrumentation understands an analogical rev counter and a computer of edge. The vast storage arranged under the saddle is able to accommodate two crash helmets. Thanks to the new windshield and the form of the careen-age, protection against the wind is reinforced on the level of the hands of the pilot.

Yamaha X-max 400/MBK Evolis 400: First impression

Soon available in version ABS

Yamaha X-max 400 will arrive in concession in May 2013 at the rate of 5999 €. It will be available in white Absolute White, gray Matt Grey and black Midnight Black. A version equipped with ABS will follow later on in the year, as well as a complete catalog of accessory will follow.

It should be noted that Yamaha will have a twin in range MBK, in the form of the Yamaha 400 Evolis. However, this one will be only available in version ABS, and will thus be presented officially to the Living room of Motorcycle and Quad, at the beginning of December 2013.

Yamaha X-max 400/MBK Evolis 400: First impression

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